These tips will make your kitchen a functional and very practical space.

One of the disadvantages of living in the city is that space usually tends to be small. This of course translates into the dimensions of the kitchen, but this is the room where we prepare all of our food, it is also one of the rooms we spend the most time in. Therefore, it is crucial that we seek to make this space pleasant and comfortable . The key word here is just this: space . It doesn’t matter if you feel like your kitchen is too small , in this article, are 5 tips so you can take advantage of every inch and make your kitchen look amazing.


1. Open shelving

Image Credit: Better Homes & Gardens

Avoiding bulky drawers can greatly change the look of a small kitchen: it receives more air and gives the feeling that the area is being expanded. Open shelving works well in minimalist kitchens and can also be seen as empty. In any case, we advise you to treat them as a space for creativity: you can change what you display on the shelf depending on your mood, the season or if you bought some new organizing jars for spices or condiments, it would be a shame to hide behind the doors of some shelves.

2. Brightly colored tableware

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If you do not have much space in your small kitchen, choose a tableware with heart and not only with utility. Pretty items shouldn’t be stacked behind shelf doors, but can easily be left on a shelf or on the counter to serve as decoration at the same time.

3. Table

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Logic could tell us that, having no corners, a round table may seem less practical because there will be less space on the floor. However, the reality is that a round table usually fits a greater number of people. Another advantage of such a table is that that configuration does not look as heavy as a square table.

4. Small appliances

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Visible appliances often steal a lot of space in a small kitchen. A better option may be to recess the appliances, since they are less noticeable. Another possibility is to put a larger refrigerator, or at least a freezer, elsewhere. This way, you can only have a small refrigerator in the kitchen that doesn’t seem bulky. It can be a built-in refrigerator or a retro-style model.

5. A storage cart

Image Credit: Decor Inspira

This may be the solution for those who dream of having a kitchen island, but for reasons of space, cannot afford one. A storage cart is very practical due to its mobility. Some models can be folded, making it easy to store when not needed and provide extra space.

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