We know you have an endless list of places to visit in your safe box at home and, still, you don’t know where to go this year. So, “sorry not sorry”, here are three South European destinies and three North European destinies that you can add to that list that makes you travel in your dreams every night, maybe this will make your mind clearer and help you decide which one is your next destination.

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An amazing island located between Italy and Tunisia a jewelry of the Mediterranean. A country full of culture and full of beauty. Visit the capital, Valleta, named Europe’s Capital of Culture of 2018, to know some of the historical attractions of the country and go to the Anchor Bay beach to enjoy a paradisiac sun and sea and visit the Popeye Village, a park dedicated to the animated character Popeye where the movie was shot back in the 80’s.

Where To Go This Year?



In Corsica, you’ll find the opportunity to explore the mountain, enjoy a sunny afternoon at the beach, hike or do canyoning, enjoy a pleasurable boat trip, explore the history of the island’s cities and try the incredible local delicacies.

This French island with an Italian twist will provide you an unforgettable time living tranquil days and enjoying the best that life has to offer.

Where To Go This Year?


Crete, Greece

Or should we say heaven on earth?

Crete is the most populated island Greek island and its richness is absolutely amazing. Here you’ll find an amazing beach scenery, a lot of historical places to explore, a delicious cuisine that will make you spend all your day eating but no reason to worry about gaining a few more pounds cause after all Cretan diet is among the healthiest in the world. Synthesizing, an island full of culture and natural beauty.

Where To Go This Year?


Helsinki, Finland

Never thought about visiting this northern city? You have no idea what you are missing.

Helsinki design scene is an attraction by itself. Boutiques, workshops, galleries are filled with lightning pieces, textiles, and other incredible projects. Besides all the design and architectural atmosphere in this city, you’ll also be delighted by their fresh ingredients that make amazing traditional plates.

Helsinki is surrounded by a sublime natural environment that’s easily reached from every part of the city and will allow you to do different activities just like boating.

Where To Go This Year?



Don’t let yourself be deceived by the size of this country because this is a true north treasure that will amaze every visitor. Its big skies, relaxing landscapes, spectacular wildlife, splendid seafood and hospitable people will make you feel like you are in wonderland.

Get deep into this country’s history and culture and take some time for outdoor adventures through the mountains and to discover the amazing wildlife.

Where To Go This Year?


Lofoten Islands, Norway

The Lofoten archipelago is located in Norway at north fro the Arctic Circle. This island stands out by its natural beauty, by the picturesque fishing settlements, the Rorbu (Fishermen’s cottages) and the stockfish.

This place is a perfect autumn and winter escape for those looking to relax a bit after a warm summer in a peaceful place hidden in the north of Europe.

Where To Go This Year?

These are our suggestions of places to answer your “where to go” now question, but there are so much more unimaginable astonishing places to discover and explore around this world that it would take more than a lifetime to visit. Enjoy all your trips like you’ll never be in that place again and so you’ll be sure you lived it the best way possible!


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