Howard Design Group, the firm composed of experienced designers and architects, has a portfolio full of successful commercial, residential, and yacht projects. From finishes to interior fabrics and furniture they are experts on making the most of any space.

Welcome aboard of Cocktails, the new Yacht project by Howard Design Group, that can accommodate 11 guests and 8 staff members!

Welcome Aboard of the Howard Design Group's Luxury Yacht

Cocktails has plenty of options when it comes to enjoying the warm climate of her charter destination. Surrounded by oversized sun loungers, the large Jacuzzi at the front of the sundeck is one of the standout features.

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Welcome Aboard of the Howard Design Group's Luxury Yacht

Outside, the guests have a lot of options to enjoy the views and catch up, with nice spaces made for relaxation and fun times.

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Welcome Aboard of the Howard Design Group's Luxury Yacht

The interior has been completely remodeled in a modern style with new design, electronics, and furniture. The neutral furnishings help expand the space while providing comfort and tranquility.

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Take a look at this outstanding bedroom and bathroom, with dark wood and neutral colors. It is a perfect example of a luxurious space where everyone could feel that sophisticated and extravagant lifestyle.

Welcome Aboard of the Howard Design Group's Luxury Yacht

This living space could easily gather a group of people to talk about life, business, or other topics. It has plenty of space for people to sit and the lighting is another great element to add a bright and elegant touch.

We end this visual tour with powerful images of a comfortable bedroom and exquisite dining area, both of which reflect the luxurious touches HDG has brought to this project. and The yacht was custom-built in 2004 by Trinity Yachts and updated in 2013 by Howard Design Group with modern features for the 21st century.

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Jeff Howard, head of Howard Design Group, is one of Florida’s most highly regarded designers, specializing in hospitality, residential, commercial and luxury yachts. He has more than 35 years of professional experience.

Jeff studied design and architecture at the College of Architecture at the University of Florida where he received his bachelor of design. After graduation, he was associated with the well-known interior designer, Henry End, as the head designer of his Miami office.

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