Interior Designers are known to be the experts and trendsetters when it comes to home decor and choosing the perfect house for your and your family. An Interior Designer is always attentive to the market, latest trends and, of course, they have the selection of the best brands to decor your home. On this note, get ready to navigate through the home of some of the best and well-known Interior Designers. The best part? The home can become your new safe haven.

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There’s always conversation around the value of the home just because it belongs to an interior designer. But the interior decor of houses is always one of the most important aspects when we want to sell a property and in lots of cases can actually increase the value of the house and you can sell it for a higher price than the estimated one.

Lauren Liess | Interior Designer

Interior Designer Lauren | Home
Interior Designer Lauren | Home

The first on the list of these interior designer homes is Lauren Liess, who put her Great Falls, Virginia home for sale. Lauren is known for her earth style and all the five bedrooms of the home were remodeled in order to put natural wood flooring and exposed beam ceilings. In the first week of sale, the house was sold for 2.5. million dollars.


Robert Couturier | Interior Designer & Architect

Interior Designer | Robert's Home
Interior Designer | Robert’s Home

Next on the list, we have Robert Couturier. He is an architect and interior designer and has been transforming homes into the masterful interior for decades now. His home, which is for sale, has a very elegant and contemporary style. It’s located in the backdrop of North Spectacle Lake in South Kent. It’s a four-bedroom home, surrounded by extensive, formal gardens.

Ruthie Sommers | Interior Designer

Interior Designer Ruthie | Home | Photo Credit CORAL VON ZUMWALT
Interior Designer Ruthie | Home | Photo Credit CORAL VON ZUMWALT

Next in line is Ruthie Sommers. Ruthie is an interior designer with a love for the Parisian style but her LA home has a more contemporary style. It’s a four bedroom home witg a sun-drenched arched walkway that opens to a more formal living room. The home is located in Hancock Park, an affluent residential in Los Angeles.

“This home has always taken care of our family, (…) I care deeply about the next owner caring for the house and the nature around it.”


Robert Stilin

Interior Designer | Robert Home | Photo Credit: AD USA
Interior Designer | Robert Home | Photo Credit: AD USA

To end this post we have the home of residence interior designer Robert Stilin. His home has very clean lines and striking architectural details, with a warm palette to fuel the aesthetic appeal of the property. It has five bedrooms, it’s an L-shaped property and the outdoor of the house has enormous grounds that include bluestone terraces, including one with a fireplace.

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