Urban Interiors are the speciality of Huniford Design Studio. No one incorporates New York’s versatility in their design projects like James Huniford. The interior designer captures the city’s ever-changing nature and applies it to his works. His Urban Interiors are a true design inspiration and the perfect embodiment of city living.

Urban Interiors by Huniford Design Studio
Source: Huniford Design Studio
Urban Interiors by Huniford Design Studio
Source: Huniford Design Studio

James Huniford is the founder of Huniford Design Studio in New York, and he has vast portfolio of residential design projects. His trademark is the beautiful synergy between elegance and comfort, the perfect combo for urban interiors. The designer also balances old and new in the most harmonious of ways, traditional meets contemporary design to create timeless, distinctive, and thoughtful environments that reflect the personalities and peculiarities of his varied clientele.

Huniford Design Studio is a leader in New York’s design industry, and the company has been widely published and recognized by some of the most renowned names in the field. The design firm uses their distinguished position to be involved in social issues, especially James Huniford who is a true philanthrope.

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From Manhattan townhouses to beach house getaways, or Northern California residences, the design firm blends classic and contemporary design like no other, uniting found objects with designer furniture and refined materials. Their urban interiors are incredibly versatile. Huniford Design Studio can do eclectic, they can do industrial, they can do romantic, they can do contemporary… The design firm is amazingly versatile!

Great design is all about the personality of the people who live there.


Designer furniture is combined with quality furnishings and refined materials in their urban interiors. Different textures and finishes are blended to create incredible design inspirations. All done considering their clients’ wishes and personalities, because only then can great design come to life.

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