Urban Art is a great way to achieve a pop of energy in interiors. From watercolors to creative hand-painted walls and wallpaper murals, this more socially connected generation can take advantage of these micro-trends and use them in different ways to transform their houses.

Vibrant bright colors, asymmetrical and geometric-shaped furniture, or lots of funky patterns are the primary art elements of Urban Art. In fact, to create interiors with an urban vibe, there is always a hefty dose of creativity and artistic indulgence involved, whether in a piece of art, a lighting fixture, a bright color, or a bold pattern.

Considering the above, Rug’Society has the most enthusiastic and modern collection – Urban -, providing people endless possibilities to keep the interiors interesting, younger, and more appealing.

Urban Art: Interiors with Creativity and Indulgence


Urban Art: Interiors with Creativity and Indulgence

The GRAFF Rug, hand-tufted in botanical silk, is 100% inspired by graffiti, bringing Urban Art and freedom to the home and adding an urban vibe to any room decoration.


Urban Art: Interiors with Creativity and Indulgence

GRAFFITIED II is a premium rug, hand-tufted in botanical silk, also inspired by the act of graffiti. It is the perfect product for interiors that claim the best of urban art, offering the energy of city life as well as its modernism, improving every single division.


Urban Art: Interiors with Creativity and Indulgence

If the purpose is to make a room feel like an authentic art gallery, the INKAHOLE rug, hand-tufted in botanical silk, will be the perfect addition, making a strong presence and catching everyone’s attention.


Urban Art: Interiors with Creativity and Indulgence

DISRUPTION Rug is perfect for people who want their houses to break all the limits. Inspired by the disruption act, this handmade rug with botanical silk is supposed to sound radical and cool, like a true revolution.

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