New experiences in your home, discover the trendy dining rooms for 2022 and much more

Often a rectangular table and chairs was synonymous with a dining room, but nowadays things have been evolving in this area and more and more the dining room receives the same attention and care as a bedroom or living room.

This place, where we meet with the family daily, doesn’t only have to be comfortable, it has to be elegant and cozy as well.

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A round table in the center gives the room another look right away, with some nice chairs with soft backs and seats, makes for a trendy dining room for 2022. Good lighting is also very important, both in appearance and functionality. However, small lamps bring a more welcoming atmosphere than a very large lampshade.


Image Credit: Essential Home

When there is no room for a large dining room, every space should be taken advantage of, even if it is a window sill, or even the continuation of the sink counter. Just because you have a counter for dining doesn’t mean that it’s no longer a trendy dining room.


Image Credit: Essential Home

To get more seating you can exchange the chairs for a banquette or even a sofa that backs up against a wall or a window, decorating it with nice cushions. It is a great solution for rooms with little space but where a lot of people eat. Trendy dining rooms are not always big!


Image Credit: Essential Home

Is it appropriate to have a mirror in a dining room or a kitchen? Yes it is! A mirror adds a lot of brightness, and often gives us a sense of space, if the mirror is large and horizontal, the room often seems much larger.


Image Credit: Essential Home

It’s nothing new or recent, but it remains on the list of products that make a dining room trend for the coming year. Why not be dining and watching a movie with the family on a Sunday evening?

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