This article was specially written for those who are in a deep and passionate relationship with food (and Instagram). Our top 5 restaurants was made for those who melt just seeing #foodporn photos on Instagram before falling asleep. For those who are always looking for new gastronomy experiences. Here are our suggestions, restaurants that deserve your visit whenever you are in these cities.


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Happy Days Diner, Paris

Our first awarded is located in Paris. The city of love, and trust us, you will fall in love for this place and its food. Happy Days DinerYou’ll find this American inspired restaurant at the Latin Quarter of Paris. When you enter this place, you’ll feel like you travel back in time to the 50’s not only because the design and decoration but also because of the playlist. We advise you to try the cherry-topped strawberry milkshakes.


Bananas, Barcelona

The second one “lives” in the Barcelona and it could also win an award by its name: Bananas. How cool and tricky is it? And the environment you’ll feel is not far behind! This Caribbean bar and restaurant has a tropical style accomplished with the palm trees patterned wall and the colorful lights. You’ll be able to find this amazing place in the heart of the La Ribera district. How could this not be in our top 5 restaurants?


Giardini Cafeteria, Venice

Moving to Italy, Venice, you’ll have the opportunity to visit Giardini Cafeteria. This one stands out by its futuristic, geometric, contemporary design to contradict the ancient city where is located. You can find the place at Venice Biennale’s Giardini park. Designed by German artist Tobias Rehberger, this cafe is a geometric masterpiece with modular furniture and painted stripes in fluorescent colors. The perfect shot for your Instagram whilst drinking your Italian coffee.


Bar Botanique, Amsterdam

Bar Botanique in Amsterdam is our next suggestion. As the name says, this place has a botanical and tropical inspiration. Located in the lively street Javastraat, this bar decoration counts with green-painted walls, velvet couches, an oak floor, and mirrored ceiling sculptures create a beautiful and distinct style that will make you appreciate your moment even more.


House of Small Wonder, Berlin

House of Small Wonder in Berlin is quite a popular place for breakfast, lunch and all-day brunch and pastries. Located on the quiet Johannisstrasse this place has an incredibly modern design and there you’ll find a warm light atmosphere in a natural environment because of the several plants that are in the cafe/restaurant.


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