Find out which are this year’s top 5 dream interior designers around the world!

In the world we live in, design increasingly plays a key role in our lives. Especially nowadays, when we are over a pandemic that forces us to spend more time at home. Who doesn’t like a beautiful, comfortable and functional place? For design lovers, we present a list with the top 5 interior designers from around the world!

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Image Credit: Alfredo Paredes Studio

Alfredo Paredes, works in New York City and studied at the Art Institute in Atlanta. Alfredo, interior designer recognized as having the “visually perfect pitch” is a veteran when it comes to interior design, with a 33-year career where he created environments, experiences and products for Ralph Lauren. Now in a different role as executive vice president and creative director, he says:

“If it’s good, you know it! I’m a multi-disciplinary creative director taught by the best, good design has the power to transport you to other places and other states of mind. We’re detail-oriented, and we obsess over everything.”



Image Credit: Elliott Barnes

Graduated in 1985 with a Master of Architecture and Urbanism from Cornell University in New York, Elliott Barnes, AIA architect, began his profisiional career in 1986. The following year, the interior designer met Andrée Putman, who entrusted him with the management of her agency for 6 years. In 2004, Elliott established his agency, in Paris, and immediately achieved large, high-standard projects. His style is based on the use of light and noble materials, which give the spaces a luxurious and exclusive approach.



Image Credit: Juliana Lima Vasconcellos

Juliana Lima Vasconcellos is known for the elegance in her lines and attitude. The architect studied at the Federal University of Minas Gerais and works as an product and interior designer: furniture, carpets, and fabrics. In her work, Juliana gives priority to natural materials: stones, wood, and metals. Although her aesthetics is always very extravagant, she is based on modern and contemporary art, playing with very different colors and textures.



Image Credit: Cliff Fong

Although Cliff Fong was born in New York City, he has lived in many countries around the world, so he has had a very diverse education. He has been part of the LA Fertile Design community for 20 years now, as an interior designer, fashion designer and entrepreneur. His work is largely residential but also includes notable commercial spaces such as Michael Voltaggio’s Ink restaurant.



Image Credit: Jean Liu Design

Jean, after spending almost 10 years working in his family’s business, decided to build his own venture. His path was not easy, a little tortuous even, however, his passion for interior desgin and analytical problem solving skills complemented his desire to pursue this new chapter in his life. The fashion world and her travels are her sources of inspiration, thus considering her style very varied, as she looks like a gypsy traveling to the 4 corners of the world. Her style is often modern and cozy, other times more formal, among many other types, but always with a sense of humor.

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