Indonesia is not only known for its crystal clear waters and paradisiacal beaches. Join us on this tropical journey to Bali and get to know its best interior designers

Bali is a tropical island in Indonesia. It is known for its forest-filled volcanic mountains, beaches, and its coral reefs. It is the target of much tourism, and is always a good option for those who prefer a paradisiacal destination. This island is full of resorts, and to go along with its beautiful nature we have interior designers, who play a very important role in establishing balance.

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Image Credit: Somewhere Concepts

An interiors company with great credentials, Somewhere Concepts covers everything from interior design to architecture and style. Their modern, minimalist designs are at some of Bali’s most sought-after addresses, from the world-famous River House to the airy Bingin Cliff House.


Image Credit: My Shrine Designs

My Shrine Designs is a creative collective of skilled art directors, interior designers, architects, stylists and photographers who handle everything from concept to installation and finishing. They offer everything from villa renovations to event decoration and even custom furniture by their team, which ranges from glass blowers and woodworkers to welders, masons and sculptors.


Image Credit: Azula Designs

Azula Designs has a professional team of interior designers. Their mission is to create high quality designs at a moderate price, without exaggeration, as they ensure that comfort and class are not reserved only for the rich and famous. They make the process of interior design fun, simple, and affordable. By offering three different packages for all different budgets, with custom packages on request. They also offer local support, so no matter where you are, they will do their best to recommend local materials and furniture.


Credit Image: Bloom Design

Based in Bali and Sydney, Bloom Design is very comprehensive, both creating for luxury six-star villas and self-contained apartments. Their leader, Felicity Bloom, and her team work with architects and builders to translate any idea into a space. From bespoke interiors to architecture, furniture design and procurement across Australia and Indonesia, they balance playful and beautiful design elements with functional and livable spaces.


Image Credit: Paz Interior

Peace Interior is an interior designer and custom furniture manufacturer here in Bali. He specializes in curating charming, leisurely spaces designed for lounging and living the good life. Can you reconcile a tropical inspired design with beach chic and ethnic vibes.

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