Pool. Who does not have it wants it and the ones who have it don’t quite use it that often? What about a floating pool? London just unveiled the very first floating pool in the world.

Floating Pool | London
Floating Pool | London

Floating Pool: 10 years in the making

May 19th is the set date for the premiere of the world’s first floating pool. The Sky Pool is a water-filled bridge between two 10-story residential towers, positioned nearly 115 feet in the air opens to residents of the Embassy Gardens apartments. 

This suspended pool is a project with more than 10 years in the making. Ballymore’s creative heads realized that the River Thames-adjacent Embassy Gardens was missing an outdoor swimming pool that residents and their guests could enjoy and get some fresh air during hot days. On this note, they decided to build the world’s first floating pool, also known as “Sky Pool”.

Floating Pool | London

This Sky Pool is an 82-foot-long paradise that stretches across two flat roofs of the five-star hotel-like Embassy Gardens’ prominent Legacy buildings and it’s probably the world’s largest single piece of load-bearing acrylic. The structure of this pool was built in Colorado, transported to Texas, and then was shipped across the Atlantic and it’s completely transparent, making it appear like a rectangular glass box floating. The center section is suspended in the sky.


Floating Pool | London
Floating Pool | London

And what about the safety of the pool? The developers brought on structural engineers Eckersley and HAL Architects performed countless behavioral analyses to make sure the structure would not come crashing down. They landed on an eight-inch-thick acrylic frame with a nearly 12-inch-thick base that’s just shy of 10 feet deep and weighs a whopping 50 shades.

It’s a pool that will give you perfect selfies and unforgettable memories.

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