The Portrait Office of the Untamed La Finca is a minimalist dream come true. Designed by HOME’SOCIETY Studio x BRABBU.

The Untamed‘ La Finca Home in Madrid has an intensely unique design with a lush and glamorous feel written all over its walls. Owned by a young married couple and Inspired by their unparalleled passion for art, all of the rooms of the house have artful elements that award it a sophisticated artistic vein that can be felt from the moment one steps inside them. This home is a stimulating voyage into the top of high-end design.

The Untamed La Finca Home: Discover The Portrait Office

The Home Office is your best companion, whether you work from home or crave to have space just for yourself to read or write. It is not surprising that designers recommend paying as much attention as possible to such zones’ design: the atmosphere in them should be conducive to productive work and creativity without any inconvenience and distractions. Finding the perfect balance of comfort, functionality, and aesthetics is the main task when decorating a home office. And the ability to provide this balance within the most sought-after interior styles is welcome news in the run-up to 2021.

The Untamed La Finca Home: Discover The Portrait Office

Usually, one uses the office to work, and what is work if not the reflection of oneself? The Portrait Office offers the client the time he needs to think, work and reflect on all the things that surround their life. The portrait in the back, made in the cubist art movement provides a great deal of inspiration within this wondrous place, inspiring both the client who works in it and those who merely pay a visit to their home.

DUKONO Armchair

The Untamed La Finca Home: Discover The Portrait Office

As one of Indonesia’s most active volcanoes, Dukono embodies an unpredictable strength. Just like DUKONO Wingback Chair. A nailhead trim wraps around this high-back lounge chair, making it pop against the synthetic leather upholstery. Place it in modern home decor and watch DUKONO Wing Chair fill the room with its strong attitude.

DALYAN Dining Chair

The Untamed La Finca Home: Discover The Portrait Office

DALYAN dining chair is the balance between feminine shapes and neutral tones. It resembles the famous mud baths in Turkey, appreciated by Cleopatra for its beauty benefits. DALYAN mid-century modern design chair will bring beauty to every decor, whether regarding a palace, a villa, or an apartment. The synthetic leather of this mid-century modern design chair will give the final touch to every project. 

VELLUM Wall Light

The Untamed La Finca Home: Discover The Portrait Office

In ancient manuscripts, messages were written on vellum, a fine and translucent material. Featuring a top in glossy hammered aged brass every story you create in your home will be highlighted by the warmth of VELLUM Wall Light. Pair this brass wall lamp with an accent chair and relax with your latest read.


The Untamed La Finca Home: Discover The Portrait Office

UMLAZA Rug was born by the inspiration of the constellations that for thousands of years, were used to identify and represent objects, animals, and mythologic creatures in the sky. A 100% handmade rug that combines the use of hand-tufted, over tufting, and carving techniques with different materials – Natural Wool and Botanical Silk.

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