Interior Designers and Interior Design lovers are always looking for inspiration and new ways to innovate their projects, either it’s hospitality or residential, and introduce some new techniques, modern design, and ways to make the full out of the space given.

Modern Design Residence by Balbek Bureau

Today we bring you some of the latest and best modern design projects made by Ukrainian designers.

Balbek Bureau

Balbek Bureau is a Kyiv-based architecture and interior design studio. With 12 years of experience in designing bespoke commercial, corporate, and residential facilities, they have been building our community of socially-sustainable spaces. Their projects are usually very dynamic and unique and with very modern design.

Modern Design by Balbek Bureau

GLAZOV Design Group

If you’re looking for a modern design and a luxurious one at the same time, Glazov Design Group is the answer. This design studio is considered to be one of the tops firms in the country and in the world! The founder and head interior designer of the Glazov Design group was always inspired by the complete process of remodeling a certain space with its own character, sound, and atmosphere.

Luxury and Modern Design by GLAZOV Design Group
Luxury and Modern Design by GLAZOV Design Group

Yuriy Zimenko

The Design Studio of the designer Yuriy Zimenko who founded the company more than fifteen years ago in Kyiv. The Design Studio is known for their professionalism and their close relationship with their clients to understand what they have in mind for the project. This particular Project we are going to show you were made using pieces from Circu, where the masterpiece Rocky Rocket was the center of the room. It’s a truly modern design masterpiece. You can download the full Media Pack of the Project here.

Modern Design Apartment by Yuriy Zimenko
Modern Design Apartment by Yuriy Zimenko

Lera Brumina

Lera Brumina is an interior designer living in Kyiv, Ukraine, that has a whole portfolio of projects – public and private – that will leave you speechless. The Breadway Bakery is one of the most famous projects that showcases perfectly the modern design and color of the space.

Modern Design | Breadway Bakery by Lera Brumina
Modern Design | Breadway Bakery by Lera Brumina

If you want to see more modern designs and the latest projects in the design world go to our Press Area where you will find exclusive content and pieces where the modern design was the inspiration behind them!


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