We spend our lives looking for new adventures and challenges. This very special room was inspired by all the adventures our little one has yet to experience and also inspired by nature, more specifically by the Jungle, which is a true force and brings us peace and serenity.

Room by Room | Project by Circu
Room by Room | Project by Circu

This new room is a part of a series that Circu is doing in order to showcase the best kid’s room design projects and why we are the only brand in the world that can do such magical projects.

Inspired by elements from “Jungle Book” and the eternal movie about MoglI, the new room by Circu promises to transform a blank space into a Jungle of Fun with lots of games and activity spaces to boost your little one’s imagination.

This Project is the one your clients don’t know they need until they see it.

Let’s navigate through nature and climb this tree of dreams.
Get ready to get lost and make some cute animal friends on the way.

Room by Room | Project by Circu
Room by Room | Project by Circu


When you enter the room, the Tristan Bed, specially customized for this project, is the centerpiece. The sleeping area was thought to be a space that matched the theme and the other divisions of the room. This one-of-a-kind bed was made to shape comfort and to keep your little one’s dreams safe and sound while he/she travels through their imagination at night.


Room by Room | Project by Circu
Room by Room | Project by Circu

On the left side of the sleeping area, the Dream Desk creates the perfect learning environment and makes homework sound easy and a fun activity. The little mermaid chair will help you navigate through the numbers and letters the kids learn at school. But we did not stop there. The Circu team chose an inspirational wallpaper to give your little one the tools to write his/her fairytale with the help of some magical friends.

Room by Room | Project by Circu
Room by Room | Project by Circu

On the other side of the room, we have what we like to call a Master Playroom made by the masters of magic – CIRCU.
The Teepee Play has a place at the center and its kid’s favorite spot to read their favorite stories about the Jungle. If they want to invite some friends over, then this custom play area – right in front of the teepee – it’s the go-to choice. It has space for the friends and family to enjoy some time together and learn new things.

Download the Media Pack of this Project on our Press Area and get all the exclusive information!

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