In a past, not so distant, flying was a privilege, even the commercial aviation was an experience that only the wealthy people could experience.

Aviation has changed a lot, now we almost don’t have space for our legs, the service became less sophisticated or addressed to the client. Of course everything depends on the innovation, but that innovation only is on the premier class. Travelers this days are choosing to pay more to have a little of comfort and that’s terrible wrong, everyone should be comfortable on an airplane trip. But, while this innovation doesn’t occur let’s talk about the changes that will occur in the first/business class on commercial aviation.


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Emirates is always ahead of the game, so, on the Emirates Boeing 777, passengers who travel in first class will have the chance to have their own private suites with partitions that stretch from the floor to the ceiling. Their seats blend into flat beds and have a technology that creates a “zero gravity” sensation inspired by NASA. Along with this fully enclosed suite, these suites offer virtual windows that offer livestreams from cameras that are outside the aircraft.


A little different from the Emirates Boeing 777, the Singapore A380 also offers suites but they aren’t fully enclosed, they also offer a seat that can transform into a bed, and if you are traveling with a partner you can book two suites and make a double bed when combined.




These two concepts were already unveiled and people already use them. But, the more surprising innovation will occur by the hands of Airbus, that launched a concept for 2050 that shows a “full screen” airplane, their concept feature holographic touch screens for entertainment and onboard golf simulators for example but also an transparent “membrane” that allows passengers to travel and see the sky and everything that surrounding them. If this concept gains form and becomes a reality, designers have the responsibility of creating a completely different kind of first/business class cabin.



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