Pioneers are just some of the most influential interior designers in Bucharest, who make history, perpetuating their creations and turning them into trends. Keep reading to get to know this amazing elite!

Romania may not be your first thought when you think of Interior Design, but, in fact, the interior designers in Bucharest are on another level and deserve some of the spotlights too. Good delivery of projects, contemporary furniture, design chandeliers, the evolvement of clients, what else could we ask for? So, if you want to know some of the most talented designers from Bucharest, keep reading. 

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The Elite: Top 5 Interior Designers in Oslo

Creativ Interior

The Elite: Top 5 Interior Design in Bucharest
Image Credit: Creativ Interior

Founded in 2014 by two interior architects Roman Octavian and Berezovskaia Natalia, Creativ Interior is a studio with some of the most talented interior designers in Bucharest. It promotes a lifestyle based on comfort and an unforgettable environment through personalized arrangements. Today, thanks to extensive experience, it offers residential and commercial projects, including fitness centers, private houses, and luxury apartments.

Delta Studio

The Elite: Top 5 Interior Design in Bucharest
Image Credit: Delta Studio

Delta Studio is a unique studio of top interior designers in Bucharest famous for creating simple luxury interiors. They also own the best interior decor showrooms in Romania so it’s no surprise they can create effortless and stunning interior spaces.

Idecorate Studio

The Elite: Top 5 Interior Design in Bucharest
Image Credit: Idecorate Studio

Idecorate Studio is one of the top studios with talented interior designers in Bucharest studio that will guide you through the entire process of designing interiors from arrangements, colors, and above all, they will make it personalized and tailored to you. They offer a new vision of the space, a new look, by modeling and completing the wishes of the clients.

Jooca Studio

The Elite: Top 5 Interior Design in Bucharest

Jooca Studio is led by a team of four interior designers in Bucharest passionate about creative design ideas that fit all forms and styles. Their works are versatile as they aim to be different and to be able to tell the story of each client. Colors and simplicity are what defines them.

Lemon Interior Design

The Elite: Top 5 Interior Design in Bucharest
Image Credit: Lemon Interior Design

Featuring some of the most multi-award-winning interior designers in Bucharest, Lemon Interior Design aims to create functional yet highly fashionable modern interiors. They’re known to not follow trends but instead set them on the Romanian Interior Design.

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