Drink a cup of tea while enjoying this amazing Top 5 interior designers from UK

We have created a list of the five best interior designers ever, in the UK. Enjoy this list, because these designers have dream projects that you will want to know about, as well as their studios. Welcome to the panel of interior designers we have chosen this year!

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Bergman Design House

Image Credit: Bergman Design House

Born in London, Marie Soliman and Albin Berglund, with their passion and talent founded Bergman Design House. Adding up 25 years of experience, these interior designers have an impressive team that assists them, this is the only way to work all over the world as they do, counting on a portfolio of projects from London, St. Petersburg, Qatar, even reaching New York.

”Our approach is forward-thinking and reads like an embellished story with elements that dictate a unique history and space. We listen carefully to the brief and then combine it with our research to create a strong, well thought- through concept. The design is then woven around this core touch point, and the story never repeats as each client and project is different.”

Marie Soliman


Image Credit: BradyWilliams London

Emily Williams and Shayne Brady are the creators of BRADYWILLIAMS London, a bespoke interior design studio suitable for both clients with a commercial interest and clients whose interest is residential. Their projects are distinguished by their exquisite timeless design, with an emphasis on acute detailing. For this duo, meeting the stipulated deadline and budget is as important as delivering the product as true to form as it is to function. To make this possible, this studio has an outstanding team recruited from a diversity of disciplines ranging from the arts to graphic design, to ensure that we can fulfill all aspects of the design brief.


Image Credit: Axel Vervoordt

Axel Vervoordt, in 1969, walked through a hidden passage his mother pointed out, where there were several old houses in need of remodeling. At the age of 21 he decided to remodel the 11 houses and save them from demolition. His journey began there, this project took several years, until he created his brand, where he restores the houses and thus feels that they have always existed. This practice bridges the gap between the world of art, architecture, and interior design, now run by his son Boris.

“We believe that each home is an oasis. To achieve this, we collaborate in a quest for harmony, beauty and the creation of atmospheres that are rooted in the past and connected to the future.”

Axel Vervoordt


Image Credit: Elicyon

Elicyon is a luxury design studio located in London, where besides offering interior design services, it also provides interior architecture and project management. Its main goal is to create unique and exclusive environments tailored to the individual needs of each client, always with the utmost care and precision.
Although they pride themselves on being based in London, UK, a hotbed of design talent, their strong brand is a global one, they work with contractors from all over the world, carefully selected to achieve individual and unparalleled designs.


Image Credit: Fiona Barratt Interiores

Fiona Barratt-Campbell is an award-winning interior designer and entrepreneur, recognized worldwide as one of Britain’s leading interior design figures. Her main inspiration was her grandfather, Mr. Lawrie Barrat, founder of one of the largest residential property companies in the UK. His designs are known for their bold, geometric lines, his finishes are intricate, with materials ranging from solid cast bronze and sandblasted wood to Brazilian fish skin. Her own style combines sophisticated neutrals interwoven with bursts of standout color, and while this more modern theme remains the center of her interiors, she has experimented with antiques, particularly 20th century pieces.

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