Take a look at these amazing museums in Indonesia and pick your favorites!

If you’re thinking of traveling to Indonesia you should definitely check out this list of the best museums in Indonesia, because you won’t be able to resist the temptation to visit them!

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Image Credit: Nyaman Gallery

It is an eclectic art gallery in Seminyak Gallery that, although not a museum, is on the list of best museums in Indonesia.
Nyaman is where the modern comments on the traditional – the East engages the West. It features a beautiful assemblage of artworks, ranging from street art-inspired paintings, urban photography, and exotic sculptures to charming glass works and homemade Balinese jewelry and sculptures.


Image Credit: Purpa Fine Art Gallery

Purpa Fine Art Gallery offers an exclusive collection of contemporary art by established and emerging artists, it is one of the best museums in Indonesia. It represents most artists, not only Indonesian artists, but artists of all nationalities who live in Bali or spend some of their time there. Some of the artists are now recognized worldwide such as Walter Spies, Antonio Blanco, Hans Snell, I Gusti Nyoman Lempad, Miguel Covarrubias, Arie Smit, Krijono and many others.


Image Credit: DMZ Bali 3D Art Museum

The 3D Museum in Bali has become one of the great attractions for expressing diversely beautiful Bali scenery and customs based on the experience of DMZ Museum, which has created numerous artistic arts.
From the illusion of naughty art at the entrance of the Egyptian pyramid labyrinth, and then the world of imagination will guide you to a whole new world that you never expected to see. In one of the best museums in Indonesia, you can enjoy about 120 pieces of art created by world-renowned illusion artists from Korea.


Image Credit: Nuart Sculpture Park

NuArt Sculpture Park is an art space established from the vision of sculptor Nyoman Nuarta. NuArt values history, constantly observes current conditions, and continuously strives to contribute to the development of culture.
Considered one of the best museums in Indonesia, it believes in the essential purpose of freedom and open society, without ignoring the role of nature and the environment, NuArt is a space that accepts differences and multiple points of view, regardless of race, gender, class or creed.


Image Credit: Pasifika Museum

“We welcome Museum Pasifika’s initiative to promote art and culture of Indonesia, and to give visitors and residents the opportunity to discover the cultural richness of our country. The tourism in Bali is forecasted to exceed 2.5 million visitors of 2010 and we hope that many other initiatives like this one will come to increase our reputation of cultural centre of the archipelago”

Ida Bagus Ngurah Wijaya, Chairman of the Bali Tourism Board

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