These are the most popular designers from Lisbon that are revolutionizing the interior design world with their unique ideas and timeless trends. Continue reading to get to know all these inspiring people!

The work of the most popular designers is the most inspirational source in the world if you are looking for new ideas for your next design project. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this inspirational time where we show you who are the most promising interior design professionals from the Portuguese capital.

The 5 Most Popular Designers You Can't Miss In Lisbon

Lisbon is one of the most vibrant and remarkable cities in Europe. The Portuguese capital is rich in culture and art, so it’s no surprise that you’ll be able to find many fascinating architectures and interiors that so perfectly merge the city’s strong history and tradition with a more modern take on art and design. Let’s meet these fabulous most popular designers and start creating something extraordinary:

Viterbo Interior Design

5 Top Interior Designers In Lisbon Who Is Introducing Popular Trends
Image Credit: Viterbo Interior Design

Viterbo Interior Design, one of the most popular designers from Portugal, handles a variety of projects in the residential and hospitality sectors, from private residences to luxury/boutique hotels. Each project is handled by a personalized team committed to achieving high-quality results.

Gavinho Architecture & Interiors

The 5 Most Popular Designers You Can't Miss In Lisbon
Image Credit: Gavinho Architecture & Interiors

Founded in 1990 by Maria Gavinho, the studio GAVINHO Architecture & Interiors stands out for its design projects in the areas of architecture, landscaping, interior design, product design, and art consultancy.

Catherine Cabral

The 5 Most Popular Designers You Can't Miss In Lisbon
Image Credit: Catherine Cabral

With more than 18 years of experience in Architecture and Interior Decoration, The studio Catherine Cabral Interiors executes unique projects in private and commercial spaces, including contemporary design and historical remodeling as well as completely new ones. This might be one of our favorite names on our Lisbon most popular designers list.


The 5 Most Popular Designers You Can't Miss In Lisbon
Image Credit: DZINE & Co.

DZINE & Co. offers services of excellence in the areas of Architecture, Interior Design Projects, and Decoration for residences, hotels, offices, restaurants, and shops.

Rima Design

The 5 Most Popular Designers You Can't Miss In Lisbon
Image Credit: Rima Design

At Rima Design, they create natural, inspiring, simple and functional interiors. Their commitment is total dedication to each design project, seeking to understand the needs of their customers, as their creativity has much more value when it generates solutions that solve the problems encountered. This design firm from our Lisbon most popular designers list can help you create the project of your dreams.

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