These mirrors bring personality and style to any decor.

Mirrors are an essential and easy accessory to add to your home, as they liven up every room and even create an illusion of more space. These are some of the best decorative mirrors that are functional but add a sense of elegance and style to your home at the same time, making the walls of your rooms more visually appealing. 

Prepare to take the best mirror selfies with Essential Home’s selection of 5 must-have mirrors. They’re all customizable and easy to style, so take a look and be inspired!


Diamond Big Mirror

Image Credit: Essential Home

The Diamond Big Mirror is one of Essential Home’s best seller pieces, and it’s easy to see why! This full-length diamond-shaped mirror is crafted in a polished brass structure, producing a tall sleek piece that merges geometry and design in the same object. It’s a mirror that adds a luxurious and rich element to any interior.

Diamond Small Mirror

Image Credit: Essential Home

As a smaller version of the previous design, the Diamond Small Mirror is another must-have mirror in your home decor! Inspired by the asymmetrical and dazzling shapes of a Diamond rock, this mirror makes use of a polished brass structure which enhances the luxurious element within this object.

Quantum Mirror

Image Credit: Essential Home

A contemporary descendant of mid-century modern style, the Quantum Mirror is a magnificent design inspired by the 50s legacy. This must-have mirror is not just a spot-on reflection of the atomic age design, but it is a leap forward. With a set of gold-plated spheres arranged in a circular pattern, it will create a stunning visual effect in your home!

Shirley Mirror

Image Credit: Essential Home

The Shirley Mirror is another must-have mirror with a structure and materials that promote a sense of luxury. Made out of curved tubes of polished golden brass that sustain a large circular mirror in the middle, this mirror is a beautiful piece of circular geometry and the perfect addition to your home decor.

Wilde Mirror

Image Credit: Essential Home

A beautifully designed vanity wall mirror, the Wilde Mirror is a piece that you won’t be able to resist! It features three panels and an irregular shape with a golden strap of plated brass that evokes a mid-century modern style, making it the perfect mirror to hang above a sideboard or a console and give that retro look to your bedroom or living room.

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