A design software does not replace a designer, but these 5 programs can help you better plan that decorating project that you have on your doorstep.

The software interior design does not replace at all a professional designer, but it can help you update a room, imagine what would another bed in the bedroom, and see if the tone of the match existing paint inside. In this article, are 5 of the best programs to help both professionals and amateurs.


Planner 5D

Image Credit: Planner 5D

This planning software is a bit more powerful in its English version; has a directory of 5000 furniture items and 3D models. In addition to having a view of the plan of the space, this also allows you to see it in three dimensions. You can instantly switch between 2D and 3D, modify merchandise and interior design, and adjust colors and dimensions. It is also ideal for those who want to see how a dark floor is combined with a light-colored wall, as well as to see how the textures combine. This program is ideal for beginners.


Image Credit: SketchUp

This is a software professional 3D modeling. It offers a library of over 4.8 million 3D and 2D objects and a pretty serious feature set. That is why it can be used not only for interior design in rooms but also in landscape architecture, house construction, and even urban planning.


Image Credit: Homestyler

This is great interior design and floor planning software from the makers of 3DS Max and AutoCAD. With Homestyler you can choose to build from scratch or use a blueprint and gallery of existing designs and refine them. One of its advantages is that it has many real and current pieces of furniture from well-known brands that you can buy.


Image Credit: Canva

The mood boards or collages help tell your designer the atmosphere you want to achieve in a particular room. You can create them from your favorite furniture, tones, or even natural landscapes that inspire you. Canva can help you structure all your images well in a single composition: the collection’s professional templates can be infinitely edited and supplemented with different elements.


Image Credit: HomeByMe

HomeByMe works like a floor planner, making plans in 2D and the furniture of the house in 3D, but what stands out the most is that you can share the results with the people who use it. Those projects have already created an impressive library from which you can draw inspiration.

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