It’s the start of a new week and what better way to start it than with some inspiration from a Top Interior Designer company? STUDIA 54, from Russia, is known for its incredible residential projects that leave any interior design lover speechless and wanting to work with them.

Stick around and enjoy some of their most memorable residential projects.

Residential Projects
Residential Projects|Credit: STUDIA 54

STUDIA 54 is an Interior Design Studio located in ST. Petersburg. They are proud to have the best specialists in their team and to have created a comfortable environment for your life and business. They are inspired by the evolution of design and at international professional exhibitions and specialized events.

The exclusivity of their residential projects comes from personal contact with the designers and they like to personally communicate “with representatives of exclusive furniture brands and often use furniture made according to individual sketches in our projects.

Having gathered the best specialists in our team, we embody your dreams in our unique style.

STUDIA 54 Team

Take a look through some of the most memorable and luxurious residential projects by STUDIA 54.

House in Yekaterinburg, Russia

Residential Projects
Residential Project in Russia | Credit: STUDIA 54

This residential project was made for a young family in Yekaterinburg, Russia. The studio describes the project as “very picturesque: large-leaved, pine trees grow here, alongside birch and elm forests.” Most of the original appearance of the land was maintained in order to preserve the natural beauty of the land space.

Villa in Dubai

Residential Projects
Residential Projects | Modern Project in Dubai | Photo Credit: Studia 54

This residential project turned out to be “really enchanting” thanks to the high ceilings and the way the pendant lamps were disposed of. The living room of the home also counts with a very special character: Mickey Mouse, which made this one of the most exquisite residential projects made by the company. “As a bright decorative element, we chose a conceptual art object – a custom-made mirrored sculpture of everyone’s favorite Disney character, Mickey Mouse. This interesting piece of contemporary art will become an exceptional addition to the owners’ collection.”

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Respectable house in Repinskoe

Residential Projects
Residential Projects | Respectable house in Repinskoe

This 700 square fit home is a breath-taking project that celebrates the beauty of nature with an amount of attention to details, “We pay particular attention to the details, this project is no exception. Living in the house will give its owners a unique comfort, no less than the comfort of living in the city.” It’s one of our favorite residential projects the company has made so far.

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