Warm weather is finally gracing New York City, pulling people outside. And with reopening, there is, of course, the fashion.

As vaccines are being distributed, the hope of reemergence is in the air. Begone sweatpants, and enter sundresses with bare legs and cropped tops with slivers of midriff.

In New York, people are starting to dress up again, wearing their favorite clothes for spring season. And the best place to see the world, and the clothes that come with it, start to blossom is in a park.

Street Style Is Blossoming Again in New Yorks Parks

In this time of the year, as temperatures hit the 60s, street style photographer Melodie Jeng camped out at Brooklyn’s McCarren Park, a Greenpoint hub for old school locals and young newcomers.

So what did we see this spring in New York? Plenty of refreshing fits. One lad went full ’70s in a head-to-toe cream look with a pair of flares with laser-cut florals on the bottom (for a pop of color, he wore a blue neckerchief). 

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Two young friends took to the town in trends of the moment: One woman opted for a leather jacket, a green miniskirt, slick knee-high cowboy boots and a perpetually chic shoulder bag dangling from her arm.

Street Style Is Blossoming Again in New Yorks Parks

Her friend dared to try out the exposed thong look with a pair of baggy blue jeans, as well as a head-turning orange Kangol hat.

Outré masks made cameos, too. A New York duo stepped out in customized denim masks, complementing their noteworthy outfits.

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One friend wore a buckle around their neck with a bike chain in lieu of a wallet chain. There were also some familiar faces traipsing around. Jeng captured Collina Strada’s Hillary Taymour in a full floral look along with one of her signature masks and her pup by her side.

Street Style Is Blossoming Again in New Yorks Parks

To her left, was New York beloved rapper-political-candidate-preacher-of-love Paperboy Prince in a pink puffer vest and their teddy bear sneakers.

Suddenly, New York is starting to look really good again.



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