An amazing showroom experience is crucial when it comes to making a decision, and Domus Design Collection (ddc) is Hakakian territory. Ran by Babak Hakakian and his younger brothers, Siamak and Danny, ddc carries a three generations legacy, a family partnership that is the embodiment of tradition and innovation synergy. The company is a very important player in the design world, bringing to the U.S the flair and glamour of contemporary European design. ddc’s amazing Showroom in New York City is the perfect display of their curated selection, a true experience that is an ode to craftsmanship. Their incredible selection of offerings has been expanded with the new addition of the ddc Materials Lab, further facilitating their clients’ self-expression.

Showroom Experience - ddc Brings You the Ultimate One
ddc Showroom

ddc focuses on innovation and aims to create extraordinary environments worldwide. Their Madison Avenue showroom in New York is the epitome of that, a contemporary design experience that goes beyond the furniture and interior design concepts.

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ddc Showroom

“This is not a place of furniture, it is a place of art,”. “People come in all the time thinking this is a gallery or museum. You’re looking at the finest made furniture in the world. Everything in here has a history and story. In some ways it is a gallery.”

Babak Hakakin

ddc’s owners hired the legendary Philip Johnson to design their incredible showroom: the architect, then 93 years old, filled the 20,000-square-foot space with modern torqued walls and platforms befitting a grand lobby, transforming the space into a contemporary design destination in Madison Avenue, right in the heart of New York City.

Over the past few years, ddc has expanded not only in New York, but they are also now present in Los Angeles and Miami, growing their unmatched vision across the U.S. They represent legendary furniture brands and you’ll be able to find, between ddc’s walls, a truly unique selection of products.

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ddc Showroom

The company is incredibly versatile, and they can help you bring your vision to fruition on residential or hospitality projects of any scope or scale. Their services are highly customized and include:

• Site visits

• Site measurements

• Customized mood boards

• Customized floor plans, furniture layouts, space planning

• Decorative lighting proposal

• Accessories / Art proposal

• Delivery / Installation

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ddc Showroom

You can find ddc’s amazing showroom at 134 Madison Avenue and prepare to be wowed by some of the best furniture brands out there and experience an unprecedented design experience!

ddc Showroom

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