S.R. Gambrel‘s custom and ultra-chic interiors are definitely one of a kind! The New York design firm masters customized design and is one of the most influential companies in the business.

S.R. Gambrel's Custom and Ultra-Chic Interiors

The founder, Steven Gambrel, is known for mastering customized design and enhancing the space’s architectural features. Having created his own design firm in 1996, just three years after his degree, Steven Gambrel is one of the best in his field and his endless dedication has been widely recognized. S.R. Gambrel has two decades of experience which is why it now is an incredibly influential interior design firm that specializes in both residential and commercial commissions, as well as custom products and furnishings.

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S.R. Gambrel's Custom and Ultra-Chic Interiors
S.R. Gambrel's Custom and Ultra-Chic Interiors

S.R. Gambrel’s work has been featured in the some of the best world’s leading publications, including World of Interiors, Architectural Digest, Town and Country, House Beautiful, New York Magazine, the New York Times, and Elle Décor. 

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S.R. Gambrel's Custom and Ultra-Chic Interiors

From an uptown duplex to a rambling country house, or a weekend beach refuge, S.R. Gambrel fulfils its client’s needs to have a timeless, unique, and comfortable home. Steven draws inspiration from vernacular architectural details of the region of each commission. Because of his background in architecture, he also believes in the importance of properly proportioned structures and details.

S.R. Gambrel’s ultra-chic Interiors are a harmonious combination of carefully curated vintage and custom furniture, which allied to works of art and contemporary design pieces create unmatched luxury.

S.R. Gambrel's Custom and Ultra-Chic Interiors
S.R. Gambrel's Custom and Ultra-Chic Interiors

The New York design firm mixes unexpected elements like bold colors and different textures and materials, providing visual interest. Its interior projects are a beautiful homage to layered design in which Victorian times can meet modern style.

S.R. Gambrel is currently working on several large projects in and around New York as well as in other cities such as Chicago, Philadelphia, and London.  The New York design firm is truly international, having created interior projects all around the world. This vast and diverse experience contributed immensely to the company’s versatility and understanding of how the surroundings can influence an interior project.

S.R. Gambrel's Custom and Ultra-Chic Interiors
S.R. Gambrel's Custom and Ultra-Chic Interiors

S.R. Gambrel is one of the best New York design firms and its interior projects the perfect combination of style and function. Its work is an ode to exclusive design and craftsmanship and if you want to know more about S.R. Gambrel, visit its website!

Photo Credit: S.R. Gambrel

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