RUMI Galerie is a carpet gallery that sells rugs in an unconventional way. The rugs are exposed in the walls just like art, reminding us of the power of a simple piece of furniture.

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RUMI Galerie rugs as a piece of art

Founded in 2008 by Reza Bonakdar, the company is committed to the preservation and promotion of handmade rugs. They follow values such as love for people, the poetry of life, and the joy of a harmonious, understanding togetherness. And these values are transmitted to their rugs!

RUMI Galerie rugs as a piece of art

Devoted to the old and antique, their main focus is the production of high-quality and authentic hand-knotted pieces. With tradition, authenticity, and culture. The culture here has a highlight, they value the dialogue between all types of civilizations, and for that reason, the company has offerings such as special events, trips, lectures, concerts, and intercultural dialogues. They also offer workshops for carpet enthusiasts, collectors, and textile lovers.

RUMI Galerie: rugs as a piece of art
RUMI Galerie: rugs as a piece of art

The exhibition of the Adam collection in 2013 is the perfect example of how the RUMI Galerie operates! Over 80 000 visitors went to the Munich Pinakothek der Moderne only to admire the old Moroccan carpets and their reminiscent colors and symbols.

RUMI Galerie: rugs as a piece of art
RUMI Galerie: rugs as a piece of art

The exclusivity of the gallery can be seen not only in the way they show their products but also in the products themselves! The MIRA carpets represent exclusivity, since only a few companies can sell them, and RUMI Galeries is one of them!

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