Round Mirrors are the key product if you are looking to increase the light and space of a room, adding also a feeling of warmth and sophistication into your house.

Therefore, BRABBU´s round mirrors are the perfect solution for you, due to the rounded edges, that will brighten and reflect the surfaces of your home décor. We have a lot of options in a circular shape, perfectly adapted for all kinds of tastes and purposes.

Take a look at how you can benefit from our round mirrors:


Round Mirrors: A feeling of Sophistication

Iris is the part of the eye that changes and controls our perception of light, shapes and colours. IRIS will enhance your entrance décor, considering the structure in lacquer, palisander wood veneer, golden leaf and convex mirror.


Round Mirrors: A feeling of Sophistication
Round Mirrors: A feeling of Sophistication

Kaamos is the Finnish word for Polar Night, a natural phenomenon that happens in the Arctic Circle. With a frame in glossy walnut root veneer, brass, and copper, this round mirror will give a touch of strength and class to your modern interior design.

With the purpose to benefit from our round mirrors, you should position them over key items like the sofa presented in the image above, enlarging the apparent size of this living room.


Round Mirrors: A feeling of Sophistication

According to Greek Mythology, Helios was the personification of the Sun, which was the inspiration to create this mirror. This decorative piece, with golden leaf finishings, will add a charming touch to any blank wall.


Round Mirrors: A feeling of Sophistication

In order to impress the enemies, the tribe Huli from Papua New Guinea is known for painting their faces yellow, red and white. This ritual was the inspiration behind this piece, made of matte casted brass, being the perfect item to shine your hallway.


Round Mirrors: A feeling of Sophistication

For the Japanese culture, bamboo represents qualities like uprightness and tenacity. HAIKU honours these traits through its copper leaf with black translucent varnish structure and will complement any modern interior design.


Round Mirrors: A feeling of Sophistication

Moulded by casted brass and a flat mirror, the CAY mirror embodies nature’s ultimate scream. Allow yourself to hear the call, feel the strength and let this mirror reflecting it into your urban lifestyle.


Round Mirrors: A feeling of Sophistication

With origins in Japan, Kumi is an oyster with undeniable beauty. KUMI MIRROR II pays tribute to its allure through its glossy hammered aged brass. This decorative round wall mirror is a good choice to upgrade your interior design.

Round Mirrors: A feeling of Sophistication

Round mirrors placed like our KUMI II will reflect the opposite one, creating an impression of a bigger space.


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BRABBU´s round mirrors are a real statement piece, bringing light and depth, as well as promoting a feeling of relaxation, that will instantly uplift your home décor.

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