It’s Top ID’S Monday and we bring you a new company that will make you want to transform your home and invite modern design over.

Red Robot Design is from Russia are known for their modern designs and for bringing an extra light to any home. They complety transform any home and we are not just talking about modern design. They design and fully furnished the entire home according to their clients wishes.

Known for their modern design and for making interiors feel comfortable, cozy but still luxurious, the Red Robot Team counts with 49 fully completed projects, including two country homes and 12 residential projects. They assume full responsibility for each part of the design process, from beginning to finish.

We are a team. We do everything together and we are really proud of how far we have come.

Red Robot Design Team

Today we bring you some of the best projects the studio designed where you can perfectly see the attention they give to little details, the used classic style, and also the use of pops of color, especially in kids’ rooms.

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Barrin House

This apartment is located in Moscow. It was inspired by “Art-Deco” Design and it has a very modern style and modern design. The project took 10 months to be completed and it turns out simply amazing.

Modern Design | Luxurious Living Room by Red Robot Design
Modern Design | Luxurious Living Room by Red Robot Design

Astris Kosygina

This 7 bedroom apartment is a true definition of what modern classic looks like. The interior of this home breaths modern design and different shades of white and grey were the chosen colors and tones for this project. All the pieces go beautifully together and it’s the perfect balance between classic and sophistication.

Modern Design | Project by Red Robot Design
Modern Design | Project by Red Robot Design


This project is a true definition of modern design. It took 11 months to be ready and it was definitely worth the wait. From the marble kitchen counters to the breathtaking view from the terrace, this apartment is everything a fan of modern design could wish for.

Modern Design by Red Robot Design
Modern Design by Red Robot Design



Last but not least, we end today’s list with a project where color is king. This project is another where the modern classic style prevails with a touch of bright color – more specifically mustard yellow -. The living room gains another life and was a project so well made! The power of modern design at its finest.

Modern Design by Red Robot Design
Modern Design by Red Robot Design

Want to see the more incredible projects? Access our exclusive Media Pack where we put together some of the best projects made in the interior design world.

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