PTang Studio and BRABBU, two powerful names in the world of design, were the perfect match to create the most beautiful and unique project.

Established in 1997, and operating from Hong Kong, China, Japan and the United Kingdom, PTang Studio work features projects from small scale residential to commercial projects like corporate headquarters.

The following project is the living proof that different elements coming from a variety of styles can create a cohesive project, taking advantage of the architecture of the space and mostly the natural light, with extra help from BRABBU.

PTang Studio X BRABBU: Discover This Amazing Project

A living room with large ceiling-to-floor windows is the ideal background for this interior design with different colours and textures since it highlights these elements. PTang Studio decided to place DUKONO Two Seat Sofas on the opposite sides of the centre table, where the natural light allows the products to impose their presence due to their reddish-yellow tone, making them the boldest items of the living room furniture.

DUKONO Two Seat Sofa

PTang Studio X BRABBU: Discover This Amazing Project

As one of Indonesia’s most active volcanoes, Dukono embodies an unpredictable strength. A nailhead trim wraps around this high-back lounge sofa, making it pop against the synthetic leather upholstery. Place it in modern home decor and watch DUKONO upholstered sofa fill the room with its strong attitude.

PTang Studio X BRABBU: Discover This Amazing Project

A bold statement can also be found in the small kitchen area. Two NAJ Counter Stools in red were the key element of this corner, providing a sophisticated yet comfortable presence, not only due to their smoothness in texture and garish colour but also given the stools’ elegant legs. This corner mirrors impressively the ideology of PTang Studio, “to create spaces bringing out clients the most comfortable atmosphere by understanding their individual preferences.”

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PTang Studio X BRABBU: Discover This Amazing Project

NAJ Counter Stool

PTang Studio X BRABBU: Discover This Amazing Project

Guatemala was the stage of one of the most important discoveries in the twentieth century – the Naj Tunich. Inspired by it is NAJ Counter Stool, a contemporary bar chair upholstered in cotton velvet with nickeled nails and legs in ash with walnut stain matte varnish. This velvet counter chair is sure to make a statement.

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This project shows us the amazing work of colours and textures performed by PTang Studio, which always seeks the finest quality and innovations, by developing a modern and unique style that completely transforms and creates sophisticated spaces. The aim of PTang Studio is to transcend boundaries and provide their clients with the best service and outstanding ideas.

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