The exclusive Portuguese luxury furniture brand, Boca do Lobo has created a new collection of luxury safes which was designed for the most demanding clients, allowing them to treasure their most valuable possessions. Entitled Knox, the design of this unique collection was inspired by the notorious safe haven, Fort Knox, known for its incredibly high-security standards and impenetrability.


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Following the same definition, the Knox Luxury Safes represent an inviolable barrier between the world and one’s most valuable objects. With bespoke and contemporary design traits and details very similar to those found on the world-famous Fort Knox gold vaults, these exclusive safes feature incredible finishes and detailed work.



The interior of the Knox safe can be fully customisable, with fittings for watch winders, jewellery drawers, and even cigar humidors. It has a solid black grid structure punctured with golden rivets that cover the polished gold plated body. The bold handle is a beautiful jewellery piece on its own, with an intricate motif crafted in brass using traditional sand moulds that epitomise Portuguese traditional craftsmanship. This design is the best of both worlds as it is not only functional but also adds a sense of fantasy, becoming the perfect piece for one to place their valuables.





Due to its massive success at the prestigious watchmaking and jewellery dedicated show, Baselworld, Boca do Lobo created a more exclusive and bespoke safe for the Knox Family, the Knox Watch Winder. This high-end furniture piece represents an entry point into the world of elite collectors.



The watch behind the glass is enveloped by the perfect scenery to be exhibited as a true artwork. Inspired by Fort Knox, known as the safest place on earth, Knox Luxury Safes represent the nirvana of treasures, an impenetrable luxurious place to guard the world’s most precious possessions.


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