Project Masters brought incredible pieces to life. 12 students from the Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism presented incredible projects that are a part of the Master of Architecture thesis.

During this year the studies explored themes of Threshold Landscapes, Black Flight and Architectural Authorship, led by Azrieli visiting critics Virginia Lee, Thandi Loewenson, and Neil Spiller.

Project | Rhythm Section by Chloe Cooke

Project by Chloe
Project by Chloe

According to Chloe, this project aimed to develop a new form of “notation attempting to communicate social and spatial histories related to dance, choreography, rhythm, and sonic production as a result of bodily movement.” The author also states that the project aims to explore drawing as percussive perfomance, “combining different styles of rhythm that are inherently connected and work together to reveal lines of flight, in which dance serves as a threshold to connect displaced people.”

Project| De-Colonial Intersections of Conservation and Healing: The Indian Residential School System by Catherine McBain

Project | Catherine McBain
Project | Catherine McBain

This Project explores the spatial conditions related to the territorial and architectural practices of the Indian Residential Schools (IRS) in Canada. According to Catherine, “The project alludes to ‘illustrative futures’ where the conservation of landscapes, architecture, and territories means designing encounters for healing and critical reflection.”


Project | The Holiday Inn Beirut: Intentional Apparatus, Unintentional Monument by Anthony Youssef

Project | Anthony Youssef
Project | Anthony Youssef

Anthony represents in this project the past, present, and future. The author tells, “Among the relics of the Lebanese Civil War is the Holiday Inn Beirut. During the civil war, the hotel was militarized. Its towering body offered fighters – from leftist and rightist militias – a stronghold from which to launch their munitions. Still standing, it has been called an unintentional monument.” And above this, Anthony reveals the true meaning of this series, “This series of drawings seek to negotiate between the Holiday Inn Beirut’s identity as an apparatus of war and a monument. Here, it becomes an urban observatory, allowing visitors to witness the city’s past, present, and future. “

Project | Diasporic Dreamland: A Memory Box by Enid Huang

Project by Enid Huang
Project by Enid Huang

This project aims to reflect on the heritage and childhood memories of the person who sees it. “It is influenced by Enid Huang’s Chinese heritage as a second-generation Canadian – diaspora. Diasporic Dreamland is developed through the foundation of siheyuan – traditional Chinese courtyards made of four sides (…) Huang created four drawings as a reflection that blends both cultural elements and childhood memories, to imagine a utopian world that connects her closer to her heritage.”

See the full article and other pieces of work at Dezeen.

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