Imagination is a powerful tool, especially when it comes to designing kids’ bedrooms. Aiming for new limits CIRCU partner up with Poland’s top designers We Wnętrzu, for the creation of a magical project where new fairytales will blossom and new dreams will take place.

A Blossom Fairytale by We Wnętrzu with Circu

Bubble Gum Collection is the Star

Founded at the beginning of 2013, We Wnętrzu is a prolific Polish studio that creates incredible projects that seem effortless. Amongst these projects, the kids’ bedrooms created by We Wnętrzu are stylish and modern, childish and luxurious, which maintains an exclusive aura while catering to the kids’ needs. In this luxury girls room project the designers created a space
that will take you to a wonderland and blossom your imagination.
Featuring the CIRCU Bubble Gum Collection this girl room will shine brighter even when the sun goes down and the daylights start to fade. To make every sleep time into the most wonderful time We Wnętrzu picked the magical Bubble Gum Bed.


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The Study Area

To make this girls room project shine brighter and to create a place where the kids can make their first memories and remember them as the most pleasant ones, We Wnętrzu added a play and study area where the little girl can feel
like it’s playing into a magical world and study to make her dreams come true. In this luxury girls room project, We Wnętrzu was able to create an elegant and romantic place for the girl’s room while giving it a modern and bright touch. For the study area and to make homework time into a sweet
moment for the little girl the studio chose the Bubble Gum Desk, whose curved shapes of the desk adds a charming touch to the study area but also add a playful touch to the decor.

A Blossom Fairytale by We Wnętrzu with Circu
A Blossom Fairytale by We Wnętrzu with Circu

To create a place where kids can blossom their imagination We Wnętrzu created a fun play area that feels like it’s in the middle of a magical forest and where there can live their fantasies and draw and write their own fairytale story. For that, the design studio combined the fun shapes of our Cotton Candy Sofa with the modern Illusion Table and adorable Elephant and Bird Stools. To add an interactive feature that allows the children to play their favorite lullabies and add different colors to the area, they added our famous Cloud Lamp on the ceiling. The room is full of sports where magic is the key and new adventures are waiting to happen. But what is missing in this luxury girls room design?

Of course the Tv area and kids’ most favorite pieces: a hanging chair! For the hanging chair, We Wnętrzu selected our NODO Suspension Chair whose design gives warmth and comfort feel found in a bird’s nest and the sense of freedom by its floating sensation.

Download the Media Pack of this incredible Project here!

A Blossom Fairytale by We Wnętrzu with Circu
A Blossom Fairytale by We Wnętrzu with Circu

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