Podcasting: The Audio Media Revolution

As you know Fashion Industry is one of the most propellers of a wide range of creative jobs across the entire market. Not only lives through garment collection as also through numerous pieces that present an entire and incredible new experience to the users. Communication is the center base of all the production. Ultimately it’s what embellishes and styles brands. Conceiving specific aesthetics provides to the client a global brand and attitude vision.

Reaching new generations

The first goal is reaching new generations and the Marketing strategies are now more clever than ever. Therefore communication plays a huge bridge between the brand’s final goals and the client. Since last year brands have been exploring new creative forms to astonish loyal clients and to reach new targets and cultures. After striking digital invasion, the pandemic emphasized market adaptation needs. So monitors turn into an unthinkable wide visual lab. Fashion has seen a bright window to create new empathic doors.

Podcasting: The Audio Media Revolution

Non-visual Communication

The brands tended to openly discuss activism, inclusivity, history, or culture. Podcasting is now for fashion brands one more tool to transparently promote brand vs. client dialogue. Despite their non-visual nature and limited public range, podcasting turned into the most direct format for companies to speak directly and authentically with their followers forging deep connections.

Examples as “The memory of…with John Galliano”, Gucci Podcast or “Handbag Stories” by Chanel give listeners a deep look into brands secrets, behind the scenes or product launches.

Podcasting: The Audio Media Revolution

Inspirational experiences

In a space that digital marketing opened to original blogs, storytelling and creative content write, industry has reached a more efficient way to turn this inspirational marketing strategy into a new and unraveling experience even without visual engagement. For luxury segment this means low cost reverting into something that might bring millions. 

Podcasting: The Audio Media Revolution

How Does it work for brands?

As luxury segment revolutionized fashion communication, other brands have started protagonize creative forms to reinterpret the same tools with a twisted approach. In order to potentialize the engagement and brand awareness, visual statements turned this same podcasts logic into a visual diary, injecting constant information and rich content to users.

Fashion campaigns are more than ever directed to promote not only the products as to approach social or environmental issues. To reach a wide range of public movies play a big part in proximity, each episode conceives a different scenario and experience close to different lifestyles and attitudes, providing nearness and celebrating individuality.

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