These Picasso’s Abstract Paintings in 3D Illustrations by Omar Aqil will blow your mind! — The artist renders Picasso’s abstract portraiture as creative 3-dimensional illustrations and the final result will blow your mind.

Pakistan-based designer Omar Aqil had a brilliant idea and turning six of Pablo Picasso’s portraits into 3D rendered illustrations over a background of medieval-inspired architecture. Using 4D-ray, photoshop and illustrator software, Picasso’s abstract shapes were transformed into 3D animations. Daily Design News has discovered that this work follows in the footsteps of the artist’s earlier series «mimic I», which was completed earlier this year.

Omar Aqil has always been interested in Picasso’s works and, more specifically, the artist’s ability to create his own abstract, visual language.

«In mimic II, I have explored more diversity of forms and shapes in the work (portraits) of Pablo Picasso. I have also added some different elements to give them a new story. The abstraction of these figures is open up new complexity within the objects he used. this is a small effort to give him a humble tribute for his revolutionary efforts in the modern art.» 



Omar AqilI is a typographer, Illustrator, graphic designer and CGI artist

Aquil says he has long been fascinated by Picasso’s artwork and offers this project as a visual example of how different people might interpret an artwork. Indeed when looking back and forth between the two pieces you might find yourself seeing the original painting in a new way. Check out the entire project here, and prints are available by contacting the artist directly. (via Highsnobiety)

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Source: Design Build Ideas