Paris is undoubtedly the capital of love. The light city. The city that transports us to romanticism and surrounding historical times where fashion, balls, care for architectural design and ostentatious, were the rule rather than the exception. With this wonderful environment to work the french interior designer, Jacques Grange, hired by a Russian businessman (current owner of the mansion), conceived a project focused on the restoration of the mansion and not its total renovation. Discover with us this wonderful, masterful and elegant mansion in the heart of Paris and let yourself be inspired by the romantic architecture and exquisite design!

A Luxury Mansion in Paris - An interior design project by Jacques Grange

As it is extremely well noticeable, the french interior designer provided his client with a project based on an exclusive design. In fact, this mansion has everything that is exclusive, but Jacques Grange wanted to highlight the unique, the restricted, the unparalleled. Every corner of this project in Paris forces us to stop, look and contemplate the beauty, grandeur, and magnitude in it!

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Light colors, neutral and discreet tones would have been a safe bet to support its design, but the owner’s wife wanted something “something glamorous, something of haute couture”. As we can see the color scheme was anything but boring, in fact, it was the perfect balance between bold colors, richer and more “old-fashioned” fabrics, and a sense of luxurious and contemporary design.

“If you are a creator and you love art, you need to reevaluate. You cannot stay the same.”

Jacques Grange

A Luxury Mansion in Paris - An interior design project by Jacques Grange

Jacques Grange Paris project dictates the true meaning of a luxurious design. The perfect, balanced, and graceful combination of materials, patterns, textures, fabrics, colors, and stones that are so distinct from each other! The French interior designer in collaboration with architect Jean-François Bodin conceived a project that fully harmonizes contemporary designexclusive design, and luxury design. For us, a project that definitely transpires the french decor influence and, that will certainly be a reference for many years to come!

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Source: Architectural Digest

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