Palacio Vallier is a luxury hospitality project. Get inside and take a little tour of this fabulous design!

Located in Valencia, the Palacio Vallier is a luxury hospitality project designed by Janfri Ranchal Studio that shows how you can complement the decor of a classic hotel with mid-century lighting designs. Find more about this elegant restaurant project below!


Janfri Ranchal Studio is a design studio based in Valencia that specializes in architecture and interior design. Their team is driven by the desire of improving their client’s world through exciting and harmonious buildings and spaces that are both functional and enchanting but also sustainable, standing the test of time. One of their most famous luxury hospitality projects is the elegant Palacio Vallier in Valencia!

This restaurant hotel, located in the captivating city of Valencia, is one of the studio’s most famous projects due to its unique combination of classic decor with mid-century modern lighting, which includes some of DelightFULL’s most iconic lighting designs.

Image Credit: DelightFULL

As you enter the Hotel Palacio Vallier, you will find exclusive and luxurious lighting such as the Turner Floor Lamp and Turner Table Lamp from DelightFULL, which gives you a sneak-peak into an astonishing project waiting for you inside. Inspired by Tina Turner’s electrifying and memorable dance moves, these lamps are the perfect choice for a modern lobby entrance.

Image Credit: DelightFULL

Image Credit: DelightFULL

In the main dining area of Palacio Vallier, it becomes clear that the direction of this project was a neutral color palette with some bold dark details. The Coltrane Wall Lamp plays an important role in achieving that look with its gold and black contrast that creates a wonderful lighting effect in the room. Together with the custom-built sofas and the sleek chair designs, this restaurant has all the key details for a fun evening.

Image Credit: DelightFULL

As for the common area of Palacio Vallier, this room coveys a more comfortable and relaxing atmosphere that is only possible with the incredible mid-century lighting designs that complement the classic decor and enliven the space. In here, you will see some of DelightFULL’s bestsellers pieces, such as the Brubeck Wall Lamp, Botti Floor Lamp, or the Donna Table Lamp.

Image Credit: DelightFULL

When you step inside this impressive Valencia restaurant, you will enter a time-traveling experience in a design that you won’t be able to find anywhere else! With several mid-century elements that make this classic design a unique project, Palacio Vallier’s dining area has all the glamour and style you need for a memorable evening.

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