This painting trend will make your home more stylish than ever.

Do you know that moment when you look at the look of the home walls and don’t like what you see? Soon there is a desire to change everything, and painting the walls is really the easiest way to change the appearance of a space. And the best part? It is totally temporary. Each season new painting trend emerge. In this article, check out the 6 colors we’ve seen in all of our social feeds recently.


Electric Blue

Image Credit: William Waldron

Electric blue is an eye-catching shade, not dissimilar to Yves Klein’s signature blue, and is making successful across design social. Take advantage of this painting trend all over home leaving it more stylish than ever.

Digital Lavender

Image Credit: Alison Gootee

Named trend forecasting firm WGSN’s color of 2023 (yes, they’re thinking that far ahead), digital lavender is sure to make an appearance in everything from fashion to product packaging to interiors. This dusty hue is strong enough to make a statement, but subtle enough to go with a myriad of other colors for easy designing.

Bright White

Image Credit: Nathalie Krag

Nothing feels better than a fresh start and a blank slate, which is why so many of the designers on our feeds have been opting for this painting trend. Every wall painted with white is a good idea, but the key is to understand the undertones in your chosen shade so you don’t accidentally air on the side of beige or gray when the sun goes down.

Deep Green

Image Credit: Stephen Pagano

Staying indoors for most of the year made everyone miss the outdoors. The tip is to bring the exterior inside with rich green walls (or cabinetry). Take advantage of this painting trend to try all shades of green trends – from soothing sage to deep forest tones and even acidic tones.

Terra Cotta

Image Credit: Trever Tondro

Another earth-inspired hue, terra cotta oranges and reds have been sweeping our Instagram feeds with palettes of desert living and Southwest ideals. Use this painting trend to make an open space feel cozier, or add depth to a room with an accent wall.

Baby Pink

Image Credit: Oberto Gili

Pink has always been a popular color for children’s rooms, but recently it’s taken on a more sophisticated tone. Different from the vibrant Millennial Pink, this hue is softer and has a subtle peachy tone. We also just think it makes rooms feel happier, like this primary bedroom in Lisa Corti’s home in Milan. Join this incredible painting trend and make your home much more beautiful!

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