New York is the city of dreams. And also the city of breathtaking skyscrapers and houses that we dream to be able to afford one day. This project is no different.

New York Flat Project
New York Flat Project

New York Project full of color and minimalistic style

New York-based Designer, Ghislaine Viñas is the designer responsible for this incredible flat that, according to Elle Decor, will make you smile. The designer has a very contemporary style and it reflects on the project. She sees joy in every corner and tries to bring that mood and vibe into her every project. The joy can reflect on the use of bright colors, modern shapes, art, and “fun-loving gestures”.

New York Flat | Living Room
New York Flat | Living Room

A young New York couple loved the designer work so much they asked her to design their SoHo apartment and helped them furnish it. “They phoned to say, “We really love this joyfulness you bring to your projects”, the designer, Ghislaine revealed to Elle Decor USA. And so a love story of design began.

Alexander Butler of AB/DS was responsible for the architectural aspect of the flat and she renovated the entire space by using a minimalist wood-paneled kitchen that “floats in the center of the loft, separating the living room and TV den from the dining area.” The designer then chose color as a starting point and as the main characteristic for the rooms as well in order to contrast the dark brown wood that was used in the kitchen.


For the design, the biggest surprise of the entire project was when the owners announced they had made a major art purchase of the dining area by artist Tyler Hays: that Vinãs loves! So it was the perfect addition to the dining room.

New York Flat Project

“I almost fell off my chair because I love Tyler’s work ( …) I’ve shown those paintings to so many clients, waiting for someone to please buy one. I’ve never been so delighted.”

Ghislaine Viñas

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