It is always nice to be in contact with nature. What if we could have it at home? Come and see these projects with natural materials and textures!

Contact with nature, is increasingly important and scarce, since everything is now very industrialized in the more developed cities. Our home is our corner of comfort, so it should allow us to have that contact in any way, through a small pot with a plant, through a wooden table, through a small garden or vegetable garden. Therefore, this article will bring us 5 examples of projects with natural materials and textures.

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Image Credit: Nelson Garrido

Called Casa Areia (Sand House), the development includes seaside lodging in wood frames covered with natural fibers. Sand covers the floor of the kitchen and living area, being in the living room with its feet in the sand, this is a totally comfortable construction even with a heated floor that heats the sand, thus giving the link between the environment and the new and fully integrated construction.


Image Credit: Xu Fu-Min

This is a two-story property that not only makes use of natural materials, but also allows the natural terrain to extend inward. The prime example of this is in the second floor master bedroom, where a large rock extends from the ground to frame a generous bath area.


Image Credit: Out of the Valley

Sliding glass doors built into this corner allow the Holly Water Cabin’s interior to be opened to the outside, increasing the connection to the pastoral environment. A copper hot tub on the porch provides a place for you to relax while enjoying the view. A path that winds through a cornfield leads to a bridge over the Holly Water creek, where there is a fire pit with seating and a tree house for visitor use. Wood floors, doors, and cabinets are complemented by a variety of natural materials and finishes that create aesthetic consistency and reinforce the project‘s sustainability credentials.


Image Credit: Olivier Garcé

The apartment, located on the third floor of a pre-war building in the West Village , was completely planned by Garcé’s friends and colleagues , which include collectible furniture, experimental ceramics, decorative lighting and original artwork. The apartment is filled with natural materials, making it a showcase space.


Image Credit: Arquitectura-G

Barcelona studio Arquitectura-G renovated a cottage with a “labyrinthine character” into a family home with a tile-lined kitchen.
To design this project, they adopted a similar strategy to their project Casa Luz – a renovated farmhouse that won them the European Union Emerging Architect award, this involved removing as many unnecessary walls as possible and using natural materials for any new inserts.

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