Summer 2021 is just around the corner, and we have plenty of options for the upcoming season. 

Assuming that interior design trends are related to exploring what is popular and fashionable, we considered that Summer 2021 trends must reflect people’s personalities and beliefs. Therefore, with so many restrictions and uncertainty, the most important trend is to simplify, focusing on what´s comfortable and functional, to create environments filled with calm and serenity.

There are lots of alternatives to combine practicality with elegance and sophistication, providing the living spaces with a cosier and more welcoming vibe, that will certainly captivate people’s attention. Take a look at the following Summer 2021 Trends.

Small Updates of Illuminating – The Colour of The Year

Illuminating yellow is a warming colour filled with solar power and vivacity, aiming to evoke an “optimistic promise of a sunshine-filled day”. It can be a little too much to decorate a whole room, so small updates of colour in blankets, pillows, or rugs, that can be easily swapped out are perfect solutions for summer 2021. Especially when it comes to adding a feeling of comfort into space.

Modern and Sophisticated Interior Design Trends for Summer 2021

The Pattern Play

People often find it very difficult to use patterns in interior design, but it is a wonderful way to personalise and uplift living spaces. They can be added into the decoration in a huge variety of ways: from soft furnishings such as drapes, cushions or rugs, to larger furniture items like sideboards, and sofas, and even on wallpapers. When using patterns, the key is always balance. Therefore, it is important to spread pattern around the room and combining it with plain colours to make the ambience feel more cohesive.

Modern and Sophisticated Interior Design Trends for Summer 2021

Luxury Details

Some changes in the placement of furniture, the use of rich materials, and eye-catching features in a place can give it a luxurious appearance. For example, rich fabrics like velvet, botanical silk or marble, have the power to add sophistication and a strong sense of style to a room, and statement pieces like a fabulous chandelier are confident enough to stand alone, which also can be a great option to fill a living space with a luxurious vibe.

Modern and Sophisticated Interior Design Trends for Summer 2021

Warm Colours

Warm Colours, like cinnamon and marigolds, are a superb option to craft home décor. These set of high-temperature shades, which are in essence, rich oranges, chestnuts and warm woods, will bring heat and spice to a room, being very attractive and welcoming for sunnier months, and creating the perfect balance between the relaxed nature of interior style and the enticing feeling these colours bring, ultimately peaking in a highly engaging ambience.

Modern and Sophisticated Interior Design Trends for Summer 2021

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