These are the 5 best interior designers in Macau  and you have to meet them. Be inspired by the story of those who are already successful.

Professionals who give a special touch to projects, printing their personality and creating their own styles this designers in Macau are making history.
Macau is an autonomous region on the south coast of China, a one-hour ferry ride away from Hong Kong. The former Portuguese colony is now much wealthier and culturally rich. If you travel to Macau, you will find a unique mix of the Chinese and Portuguese cultures, making it a cultural hotspot. In recent years, Macau has seen an emergence of new unique buildings, including giant casinos and malls, which have earned the territory the nickname, “Las Vegas of Asia.” . So, keep reading!

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Meet the 5 Best Interior Designers In Macau


Meet the 5 Best Interior Designers In Macau
Image Credit: InterDots

Know as one of the best designers in Macau, InterDots Architectures consists of a team dedicated to creating spaces that tell their client’s stories and allow guests to experience every detail of it. They look to showcase people’s personalities in their residences and to help businesses achieve their goals in the commercial world with the spaces they develop.

KMMA Design

Meet the 5 Best Interior Designers In Macau
Image Credit: KMMA Design

KMMA Design is a firm of interior designers in Macau whose focus is to create spaces that strike a perfect balance between function and aesthetics with an emphasis on the importance of composition and proportion, from lines to colors. As KMMA Design’s motto says – “not too little, not too much – just right!” – something they always accomplish in perfection.

Steve Leung

Meet the 5 Best Interior Designers In Macau
Image Credit: Steve Leung

Award-winning architect and interior designer in Macau, Steve Leung established an architectural and urban planning consultancy in 1987 that specializes in leading architectural and interior design projects, catering to the needs of rapidly growing China and international markets. Their work can now be found in over 100 cities across the world.

Candice Interior Architects

Meet the 5 Best Interior Designers In Macau
Image Credit: Candice Interior Architects

Known as one of the best interior designers in Macau, J.Candice Interior Architects specializes in commercial and hospitality spaces. They separate themselves from their peers in their projects through their signature style, a mixture of modern contemporary with classical Asian features.

B+H Architects

Image Credit: B+H Architects

Incredible designers in Macau are also represented at B+H. Which is a global consulting and design firm that believes in the power of design to transform spaces, communities and economies. They enable their clients’ visions through customized designs that exceed their business goals and inspire the people that live, work and learn within them.

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