Art Spice is an interior design studio that is well known for its singular style when it comes to creating the perfect residential design… and, as we all know that the best way to make your home interior design perfect is to know exactly what you want. CovetED had the opportunity to interview the Russian studio and is here to let you know everything about it, are you ready? This article is full of inspiration!

Interior Design| Project by Art Spice Design
Interior Design| Project by Art Spice Design

“Comfort and preservation of the environment are very important today and will become more important in the future. It means there are a lot of new recycle materials for furniture and fabrics. Luxury will change its focus, clean lines, simple shapes beautiful surrounds, and connections interiors and exteriors are very important. A lot of new materials are appearing”, said the designer. 

A Little Throwback in Time

So, fast forward to the dashing 90s. Young Jenny Yasnets graduates from Mucha (now the Baron Stieglitz Academy of Arts). There she studied first in interior design and then in fashion. Having entered the free creative voyage in the post-Soviet space, she will try herself as a fashion designer. She will sheathe the fashionistas of those years and even hold several shows of her own collections.


Interior Design| Project by Art Spice Design
Interior Design| Project by Art Spice Design

The salon worked successfully and gave a start in life to many beauty masters, making them the stars of the city in their environment. But it was necessary to move on and develop an interior studio. Therefore, it was decided to sell the salon and leave only the design studio. “The most challenging period was at the beginning when I had opened my studio. Work and talent – is the key to success”, said the interior designers from the studio.

“The most interesting is the chalet in Karelia. The inspiration was the northern nature of Karelia”

Jenni – Art Spice Studio

Among the iconic projects of the studio, I would like to mention the first restaurant of the Ginza chain on Aptekarsky Prospekt. If you come to this restaurant today and go to the bar counter, then it has retained its appearance unchanged. Also, the first four gyms of the now well-known Sport Life network have been implemented by our studio. Restaurants Sun, Opera and Botanica in Moscow. Souvenir boutiques Signs of attention, Heritage, Onegin. Then there were many apartments, restaurants, country residences in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kyiv and on the French Riviera. When asked about their major dream, they instantly said: “to project a hotel”. 

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Interior Design| Project by Art Spice Design
Interior Design| Project by Art Spice Design

“I would say individuality is the main trend today. White monochrome now is very trendy and women’s design, I mean like a style.”, said the designer when asked about the major trend in interior design at the moment.

– Art Spice Studio

A very special thank you to Art Spice Studio for doing this interview and to Coveted Magazine for all of their incredible work!

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