Recognized as the rising stars of design by Elle Decoration and Architectural Digest Spain, MASQUESPACIO designers are the thinkers behind Essential Home’s new furniture collection, called Hollywood Glamour. They revealed some exclusive details of this new project in an exclusive interview… Discover all about it!

MASQUESPACIO is an award-winning creative consultancy created in 2010 by Ana Milena Hernández Palacios and Christophe Penasse. Combining the 2 disciplines of their founders, interior design and marketing, the Spanish design agency creates custom-made branding and interior projects through a unique approach that results in fresh and innovative concepts.

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“We create emotional projects, full of details and textures that surprise users, whether in an interior design project or in a product design. We also speak many times of our universe in which we mix colors, materials, and textures in search of innovative proposals for each client.”

MASQUESPACIO Unveils Exclusive Details About Their NEW Project

Christophe and Ana took us through an inspiring journey of their work, and, as a bonus, the young talents unveiled some exclusive details of their vision for their new collection for the mid-century modern brand. Enter this fabulous journey with us and let’s discover some unique details about MASQUESPACIO‘s new collection for Essential Home.

MASQUESPACIO Unveils Exclusive Details About Their NEW Project

We know that you are both from different countries of origin, yet you came together to create one of the most renowned design studios in the world… How did Masquespacio studio was born?

MASQUESPACIO: I (Christophe) had always had an entrepreneurial streak and when I saw that Ana couldn’t find a job in what she liked, I convinced her to set up our studio. We are people who like to progress, see the world differently, and try to face new challenges that help us in this evolution. As we were doing more projects we were able to start talking about our vision and we think that it is what makes us stand out today with our projects. As for our origins in Belgium and Colombia, they are highly reflected in our projects and our way of working. Maybe not so much in terms of style but in the Latin passion that Ana has in the projects and the Belgian methodology/structure of mine.

MASQUESPACIO Unveils Exclusive Details About Their NEW Project

In terms of your creative process, do you are usually on the same page when it comes to the inspirational process?

MASQUESPACIO: Our creative process always begins with knowing the client and their needs. From there I start to develop a concept. The concept can vary a lot and depends a lot on the type of project we are working on. (…) Once the concept is determined, I begin to create the project. I do everything in 3D and I go through many sources of inspiration: fashion, cinema, design, and art, among others. My clients are always part of my inspiration because I design for them. Also traveling is another great source that I use…. In short, all the details that surround me can end up being part of a design.

MASQUESPACIO Unveils Exclusive Details About Their NEW Project

As Designers, how much in your opinion is important following the design trends established in the industry?

MASQUESPACIO: As an evolution of our career, we are more and more focused on getting away from the design trends. Although when you work on a more commercial project we think it is important that you know the design trends and try to reuse them as you will need to attract a mass market. When you are working for a chef or a boutique hotel on the other hand you can get away from the design trends. The market is although evolving and the masses are more and more informed by the design trends, for which they are also much more open to totally new and innovative concepts.

MASQUESPACIO Unveils Exclusive Details About Their NEW Project

Do you think the relationship between designer and client is a fundamental part of the creative process? Why?

MASQUESPACIO: For us, it is of major importance to have a good connection with our clients as this is the beginning of a successful project. When we receive a request from a client the first thing we evaluate is if we are connecting with them and if the concept they want to develop matches our requirements. Without an open relationship and a client in search of something new, it would be impossible for us to create a unique project design.

MASQUESPACIO Unveils Exclusive Details About Their NEW Project

If you had to name the project of your career and your life, which it would be?

MASQUESPACIO: We have several highlights in our careers, but for different reasons. Nozomi Sushi Bar is one of the first ones as it was our first restaurant developed for a fine dining experience and at the same time, it allowed us to know a new culture and way of thinking. (…) We would like to highlight the exhibition to celebrate the 100 years of Italian company Poggi Ugo we presented during the last Milan Design Week.

MASQUESPACIO Unveils Exclusive Details About Their NEW Project

In your vision what is the essence of the brand’s Essential Home?

MASQUESPACIO: For us, it’s a mix of several things. First of all, of course, a mid-century inspired design. Secondly, a high-quality production that gets away from the timeless neutral creations we have seen a lot through Scandinavian brands, bringing an aesthetic that seeks more to present emotions and unique forms.

MASQUESPACIO Unveils Exclusive Details About Their NEW Project

How do you feel about this unique partnership? It was a challenge working on the collections just by virtual in the last months?

MASQUESPACIO: Although it is always more difficult to create a connection through the virtual world, we directly created a great connection with the Essential Home team. I think it was clear from the beginning that both teams as a partner wanted to do the same: create unique collections to surprise their customers.

You can find more information and HR Images in Essential Home’s complete Press Pack:

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