Discover the architectural project of this mansion so different!

Just 10 minutes from downtown Zihuatanejo, Mexico, a project is challenging the housing concepts we are familiar with. It is a mansion without walls, called VillaMar, being built on the peninsula of Punta Garrobo.


Located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, the building has a vertical distribution. According to the released images of the prototype, the mansion’s room would be on the ground floor, while the living areas would be located on the first floor. The second floor must be dedicated to the garage, with space for at least two cars.

Image Credit: Hypeness

Fernando Romero is the architect responsible for the design of the VillaMar mansion and explains that the concept is based on a vertical programmatical division. In this play between nature and architecture the horizontal slabs establish their placement, contrasting with the rough context. The collision of rational perforated slabs and the rough slopes of the context, unite the different architectural elements, levels, and programmatic functions of the villa.

The mansion has an area of 1,100 m², but there is still little information available about the project, which makes it all the more mysterious.

Image Credit: Hypeness

Everything indicates that the mansion will be embedded in a rock on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, allowing the residence to remain isolated from the outside world, even without conventional walls.

Image Credit: Hypeness

Even before it’s ready, we’re already in love with this mansion. It’s amazing, isn’t it?

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