Luxury and Over the Top. The two and main keywords of this post and of the show that everyone who is a fan of MTV since the start remembers. All MTV fans and teens from the 2000s that were glued to the screen, when Instagram and Tik Tok did not exist, will remember this monumental tv show that showcased the ideal life of the rich and famous. Of course, we could only be talking about one show: MTV Cribs.

That time when social media did not have such a huge impact that is has today – and let’s be honest, when we looked at something else other than our smartphones screen’s – MTV always had the best programs for teens and their idols. MTV Cribs was the hype and allows us to enter the houses of Mariah Carey, Destiny’s Child, 50 Cent – and many others – and to see the luxury they lived in. Some mansions to wild to believe they were real.


MTV Cribs: Luxury & Italian Edition

Inspired by Instagram and Tik Tok Stars, MTV Italy created their own version of the International show that promises to focus on the luxury of the homes of Internet Stars. They will still explore the homes of music and sports stars as well. Do not worry. They have it all for you.

In a year were our homes become the place where we spent literally every hour of the day, viewers admited that our home is more than just a place, it became almost like a safe haven. And how many of us wanted to know more about the person behind the screen? How they live? What it’s their home like? Mtv Cribs Italy will give you all of that.

Luxury & Extravgance | MTV Cribs Italy

On that note, this MTV Cribs edition will not only focus on luxury but also on the concept of the home, such as the inspiration behind it, furniture brands that were used, and the style the home was built on.

The show premiered on the 17th of March, on MTV. In the first episodes, the crew entered the homes of Luca Vezil and Valentina Ferragni. Today’s episode will navigate through the mansion of Tik Tok creators – The Defhouse. Yes, you read it correctly. An entire mansion full of color for 8 Tik Tok Creators – all under the age of 20- that were all carefully selected. It’s a perfect match between luxury and color. Any teen’s dream.

Tik Tok Luxury | Defhouse. Photo Credit: Simone Furiosi
Tik Tok Luxury | Defhouse. Photo Credit: Simone Furiosi

The Defhouse, located in Milan, is a project created to boost the creativity of different tik tok influencers. It’s like a training camp but for tik tok influencer’s only. Curious to see the house?

Tune in for our next post about design news next week! Until then check out our exclusive content here.

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