Every fairytale starts with a “Once Upon a Time” and this project is no different. Made in Brazil, by the Architect Marcos Marcelino, from Marcos Marcelino Architecture and Design.

Project | Charlotte's Little Kingdom
Project | Charlotte’s Little Kingdom

This story begins with a couple who was anxiously waiting for the birth of their daughter, Charlotte, and wished to create a room where she could feel like a real-life princess and live her highest dreams.

You can download the Media Pack of this Project and get access to all of the images and Press Release!

When we entered the magical nursery our eyes immediately go to the masterpiece of this Project, the Fantasy Air Balloon. This one-of-a-kind piece is a themed bed that invokes the romantic and whimsical ambiance of a hot air balloon ride. It was completely customized according to the couple’s wishes and adapted to the room measures.


As we go around the room we continue to explore this beautiful fairytale and the customized pieces that were made to achieve it. On the wall, on top of wallpaper, carefully chosen to remind us of the sky, we have our Fantasy Air Shelf. Every one of them was customized into the color pink with a touch of gold is the type of storage that gives us both space and a sophisticated style the parents wanted.

Project | Charlotte's Little Kingdom
Project | Charlotte’s Little Kingdom

What would a fairytale project be without the key accessories to complete the room? Our Illusion Stools and Chair are the go-to choices for comfort. Either it’s by the window, where you can sit and admire the view, on inside the closet, matching with all the clothing pieces from Gucci and Chanel, giving it an extra luxurious look.

Project | Charlotte's Little Kingdom
Project | Charlotte’s Little Kingdom

To make it even more magical – if possible – the couple chooses our Cloud Lamps as the lighting of the nursery. They have an RGB light and a sound system that can be controlled by a mobile app that connects with the cloud lamp by Bluetooth. The parents can set a timer for the cloud to shut down or play Charlotte’s favorite lullaby making nighttime a lot easier and peaceful.

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