Louis Vuitton launched an interactive gaming app that is available to download.

The seemingly disparate worlds of gaming and fashion are colliding, giving its rabid fans something more addicting than Candy Crush or scouring the internet for vintage Jean Paul Gaultier combined. Louis Vuitton launched an interactive gaming app that is available to download. “Louis the Game” pays homage to Louis Vuitton’s founder, who was born on August 4th, 1821 in Anchay in the French Jura, on his 200th birthday.


Image Credit: Louis Vuitton

“Louis the Game” is a nod to the celebration. Following the atelier’s mascot Vivienne—whose shape takes after the LV’s iconic monogram symbols—you lead the character through a digital world to reach a birthday destination. The aim is to collect as many candles as you can while finding hidden keys that allow you to gain access to new levels. A global leaderboard lets you compete with your friends worldwide, and you can change skins to match your favorite Louis Vuitton bag, with prints pulled from the seaside Escale capsule and the limited-edition print from Louis Vuitton’s cruise 2021 Game On Coeur collection. Integrating the latest blockchain technology, the game also includes 30 NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), 10 of which were created by digital artist Beeple.

Image Credit: Louis Vuitton

As you walk, climb, float, and double jump through the LV world with Vivienne, you’re also receiving a lesson in Fashion 101. Each of the 200 candles unlocks a postcard that details an anecdote or trivia point about Louis Vuitton, ranging from its brand history to special collaborations to runway highlights.

Louis Vuitton’s connection to the futuristic world of gaming is not new. Creative director Nicholas Ghesquiere is a known fan of the digital aesthetic, with a penchant for space-inspired collections and a 2016 campaign starring Lightning, a heroine from the Final Fantasy franchise. Creating an actual video game is a natural extension for Louis Vuitton, bridging its steep heritage with modern-day pursuits.

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