Come be inspired by the best 5 interior designers of this island paradise just outside the Big Apple

Long Island is a little paradise next to New York City, where several important names in the field of interior design grew up. On this island it is impossible not to be inspired! We have gathered 10 big names in interior design that you will want to know when it’s time to decorate your home.

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Image Credit: Tamara Magel

Tamara is an award-winning international interior designer based in the Hamptons, known for a modern aesthetic that combines fine finishes that interact with organic elements, handcrafted details, and always a delightful touch of whimsy. Her innate ability to balance the flow of energy with furniture placement is one of her many talents. She has an intuitive design sense that goes beyond what the eye sees. She believes that a person’s home reflects not only their personal preferences, but also their well-being and their attitude towards life, based on the clean, non-toxic materials being used.


Image Credit: Jody Sokol Interiors

This interior designer’s style is based on “less is more”, where she prefers to let the beauty of the materials shine through. Jody is known for her bold, colorful, and totally original interiors.

“I believe that everyone deserves to have a nice home and when you are surrounded by beautiful things that bring you joy, you live a better and happier life.  I have seen how the completion of a room or home has impacted my clients in the most positive, gratifying way which makes me so happy.”



Image Credit: Kim Radovich Interiors

Kim Radovich is a talented interior designer located on Long Island’s North Shore. Her mission is to restore the integrity of design – and her company, Kim Radovich Interiors, achieves this in every project. Timeless elegance and modern sensibilities, that’s how Kim self-describes her interior design style. Based in the picturesque city of Huntington Bay, the firm has designed a number of commercial and residential projects, all of which embody the firm’s warm, modern, and elegant sensibilities.


Image Credit: Eileen Kathryn Boyd

For bright, bold and colorful interior designs, Long Island’s discerning clientele look to Eileen Kathryn Boyd . With her studio located in Huntington, Eileen Kathryn Boyd has designed interiors for a wide variety of clients on Long Island. The company has even expanded into its own line of custom textiles. While she often finds inspiration in nature, music, museums, and her insatiable wanderlust, she can mostly be found tearing through pages of fashion magazines in search of unusual color combinations and intriguing pattern blends. Inspired by the artist within, Eileen draws on a mix of artistic intuition and formal education, including studies at the Rhode Island School of Design, Parsons School of Design, and the American College in Paris.


Image Credit: Kate Singer

Kate Singer is an interior designer with some recognition in the field. Her projects have appeared in several major magazines. Her style is described as serene, sophisticated, accessible, and inviting, and her clients appreciate Kate’s ability to translate their individual taste and lifestyle into comfortable, practical, and truly livable rooms.

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