In the heart of the cold city of Riga, there is an exceptional living room at the top of a historic building, considered a real treat for the eyes.

Ceramic and plaster bathed, this living room is presented in a modern contemporary style, which does not dispense a mid-century inspiration, in a perfect combination of pieces and accessories.

At the first place, and as a focal point of the room, Antigua Center Table, by Caffe Latte, guarantees functionality and commodity, supported by Jute Rug, another unique piece of Caffe Latte, signaling comfort and texture, that make the living room decor even more appetizing.

For greater coziness, Essential Home brings the most classic and traditional style, through Minelli Armchair, in a unique and timeless design. In addition, the Powel Sofa by Brabbu, made with cream and white tones, adds subtlety and width to the space, with a touch of naturalism, and at the same time, sophistication, through the plants, decorative art and golden small details, surrounding it.

In order to complement the ambiance, Galaxy Chandelier, from the latest acquisition, Brand Van Egmond, radiates luxury, richness and creativity, a real statement in the field of lighting, due to the unique quality of its materials and finishes.

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Outside, the snow falls, allowing to see the city as a whole, which will make everyone even more eager to stay in this warm and refined living room, taking european and cosmopolitan design to another level, in which Covet House and Caffe Latte Home, in partnership with the amazing Daryna Osadcha, have a preponderant role. 


And you? What do you think about this living room exclusive design by Daryna Osadcha? Leave a comment below!

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