Discover here how you can free download Legacy, a luxury design magazine by Boca do Lobo. This publication is for all design lover who wants to learn more about all the brand challenges and its motivation. 

Daily Design News presents a fresh discovery when it comes to luxury design publications: the first edition of Legacy, a design and craftmanship testimony, designed especially to the ones that have been supporting the luxury furniture brand Boca do Lobo. If you love exclusive furniture pieces, so you must keep reading to discover how you can download it for free!

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Through the publication’ pages, you’ll get to meet the soul of all the people that work in the daily construction of the brand, because once you’ve done that you have really met the brand’s soul.

Capturing the details and the peculiarities of the materials, sometimes standing on the tables and other times laying forgotten or thrown away in a corner is one of the crucial steps of Boca do Lobo’s creative journey.

«The history of Boca does Lobo reborn repeatedly, marking each year a new inspiration, a new challenge, but with the same objective and passion. The restoration of the antique arts of manual work, honoring the art of hand-painted tiles, marquetry, joinery, upholstery and metalwork»

This magazine is for all those readers who want to know all the luxury furniture brand‘s challenges and motivation over the years. It is also for design lovers, interior designers, for hand craftsmen, for marketers, for architects and for everyone in this industry or in any other industry where passion is the main ingredient in the construction of their dreams.

This design magazine makes the tribute to all the manual arts that have been struggling not to disappear through the years. According to the exclusive furniture brand, the main goal here is, by publishing its revelations, guarantee the importance and brand’s legacy to this cultural richness.

Legacy aims to honor the art of hand-painted tiles, marquetry, joinery, upholstery, and metalwork

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